ETQ TG32p12 Gas Powered Portable Generator Reviews


ETQ TG32P12 4,000 Watt 7 HP 207cc 4-Cycle OHV Gas powered portable generator

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The ETQ gas powered portable generator is probably one of the best portable gas generators out there. It has an impressive 7 horsepower 207cc engine that gives out a whopping four thousand watts of energy. It can run an entire household appliance such as refrigerator, heater, TV etc. considering the user keeps the 4000 watts power limit in mind. The best thing about this portable gas generator is that it is not loud.

The gas powered generator has a pull recoil starter that never fails. Its fuel tank is considerably large and up to four gallons fuel can be stored. Among the gas powered generators, the ETQ gas powered portable generator is both cost effective and efficient with optimal power output. At 50 percent load the generator can run for thirteen hours and at full load it can run for nine hours straight. The reason why this portable gas generator is so quiet is because of the oversized muffler it has. It produces a sixty five decibel level sound when in operation which is pretty low for gas powered generators.

The ETQ gas powered portable generator features the revolutionary ETQ clean sine alternator that gives a total harmonic distortion that is below five percent. If the total harmonic distortion of a portable gas generator goes above 6 it can damage the household appliances in the long run. So, the ETQ TG32P12 is better than other gas powered generators in this aspect too. The gas power generator also comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

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ETQ TG32P12 Gas Powered Portable Generator Features:

  • ETQ gas powered portable generator‘s 3250 running watts/4000 max watts
  • ETQ 7HP 4 stroke air cooled OHV engine with low oil shut down
  • 4 gallon fuel tank provides 13 hours of run time at 50% load
  • Less than 65 db
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

The ETQ TG32p12 Gas Powered Portable Generator Reviews:

Most customer feedback on the ETQ gas powered portable generator are positive and almost all of them gave it the highest rating possible.  Most online customers commented on how satisfied they are with the portable gas generator. One customer mentions that after placing a twenty four hundred watt load on the ETQ TG32P12 he got only 1 volt variance of the 120 nominal volts. Customers also praised the wheels and fold handle that are included with it. Customers praised the cheap price of the product and many people recently bought it during the power outage after the Alabama tornado. Some customers from such affected areas ran the generator for 4 straight days without any kind of hiccups. The generator started with a single pull on the rope.

One minor negative issue pointed out by a customer is that the front panel of the ETQ gas powered portable generator was blocking the pull start handle, making it difficult to pull the rope. The customer mentioned that he had to pull the rope out half way and then pull it at a thirty degree angle for the portable gas generator motor to start. Another thing mentioned by another customer is that the oil reservoir requires a narrow funnel to fill it up.

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From all the customer reviews it can be said that the ETQ TG32P12 gas powered portable generator is one of the most efficient, quiet and effective solution for a 4000 watt worth of generator need and the price is also cheap considering its performance.

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