ETQ IN800I Super Quiet Inverter Generator


Have you ever been in a situation where you left your home with your family for a vacation or went camping at a beautiful place and it went all wrong because you forgot that your electric coffee maker did not just need coffee and sugar to work but it also needed a voltage supply. And then you wished that you had something where you could just hook in the wire. Do not panic because a super quiet inverter generator like the ETQ IN800I 800 Watt 4-Cycle OHV Gas-Powered Portable Digital Inverter Generator is your solution..

While it is equipped with a handle, it is more portable than most huge generators. One quick look at this work of art will make it almost impossible to believe that measuring these amazing inches (LxWxH) in several places and weighing at around 28 LBs, is capable of producing about 800 Watts of power.

It has a 38cc, 2hp engine making it so very economical and affordable. It can easily lapse for 3 1/2-hour run time at a fifty percent amount or 100 percent area for a count of around two hours.

The item itself is a a micro controlled generator which gives a pure sine wave as an output and ensures protection of all the light hearted inventory. It is environmentally friendly since this super quiet inverter generator is enclosed and insulated for noise reduction allowing only 67 dB operating noise level.

It reduces harmonics which are hazardous to the load and ensures equipment safety in case of a short circuit. This device gives two 120V outlets plus one 12.

A great touch of modernism is reflected by its on-board controls that will let the operator know in time if the oil is low, the power is low, or the power is out. The ETQ IN800I 800 Watt 4-Cycle OHV Gas-Powered Portable Digital Inverter Generator is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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