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The ETQ IN2500I Inverter Generator is designed with a tough 125 cc 4.6 HP OHC engine that is able to produce 2200 Watts of electric power and a maximum energy of 2500 Watts. The energy produced endures for a runtime period of 5.5 hours at half the load and 4.1 hours at 100%. The inverter generator is backed up with Inverter Power Technology that provides clean power for delicate electronics and computers. The Generator digitally adjusts the sine wave alternator with total harmonic distortion of less than 3 percent.

The generator has three modules; the Eco, the Auto Throttle and the High mode. The Eco mode adjusts the engine productivity to match the energy that is required. The Auto Throttle diminishes RPM to idle velocity in the course of power usage to maintain fuel efficiency, lower the noise levels and extend the engine lifetime. The High function can be used for electric devices demanding a big current source, such as compressors or submergible pumps.

The disturbance level is maintained at an amount of 60 dB.  Included in the system are a 120V GFCI duplex outlet and a 12V DC port. The low-oil shut off safeguards the generator from any possible harm.  Overload, low oil level, the overheating of the inverter system and the output voltage rise are checked by an onboard diagnostic system monitor. A light source illuminates to indicate the conditions.  The generator is designed for easy portability and longevity, encased in  a single one piece solid case and suited with handles.

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ETQ IN2500i Features and Specifications

  • ETQ IN2500i Weight: 69 pounds
  • ETQ 125cc 4.6HP with low oil shut off protection
  • 2200 watt power with 2500 Watt maximum energy output
  • Operates at a noise level of 60 dB
  • Light-weight, portable and durable
  • Light illuminates for overload, low oil level, inverter system overheating and power outage.
  • One piece solid case with attached handle
  • Auto Throttle mode enables fuel conservation, lowers noise and extends engine life
  • Eco mode regulates the engine output depending on power demand.
  • Inverter Power Technology emits clean sine wave output
  • Clean power with a THD less than 3 percent
  • One 120V GFCI duplex outlet and one 12V DC port
  • Non-CARB Compliant

ETQ IN2500I Inverter Generator Reviews

The ETQ IN2500I Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator has a lot of users saying positive comments about it. One of the people said that the generator worked fantastic on his camping trip; it worked for 12 hours on one tank of gas and was very quiet as well. In addition he said that it powered fans and lights without any starting problems. These thoughts were echoed by many other reviewers who purchased the generator and who were very happy with its effectual performance. The only complaint was concerning the un-professionalism from the customer service when the customer requested a replacement for a broken part.

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Most of reviewers gave their opinions that the ETQ IN2500I Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator a valid purchase that will fulfill the needs of the consumers, who are in need of a portable power source. The ETQ IN2500I is definitely portable, easy to work and an efficient power source. We recommend it as a product worth buying, guaranteeing buyers satisfaction.

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