ETQ Electric Generators Review


Looking at ETQ electric generators is a pleasant experience, given how really useful and well made these electric power generation units really are.

These types of generators are great for many uses, both in the home and in a workshop of just about most any size. One of the great aspects of these types of generators made by ETQ is that they are very reasonable in price, when one considers the capabilities built-in.

Most of these generators use a small gasoline powered four cycle engine that uses a pull start. Think of something like a large lawn mower engine and he’ll get an idea of the capability of the power unit. Horsepower in all of the engines is impressive, and it won’t be unusual to find a nice 14 hp unit that can kick out nearly 7000 watts of power generation for well under $800.

Other models in the lineup use liquid propane to power the engine that begins the electrical generation sequence in these models. This clean burning fuel can be had anywhere there is a liquid propane refilling out let, such as at a gas station or home improvement store and the tank is the exactly the same as what one would use to run a gas barbecue.

ETQ electric generators come in very handy for homes that may be located in an area in which city supplied power is subject to interruption in service, or to keep on hand in case power goes down after a storm or other weather event. A typical 6000 watt generator can power everything in a home in a continuously steady delivery mode and is practically bulletproof.

For those on a budget, certain models are very inexpensive and can deliver nearly 800 watts of power. This is sufficient to keep running all of the most vital appliances and power needs in any household for as long as is needed. Many experts recommend that a typical homeowner have a small electrical generator on hand in the event that storms or other issues cause loss of power.

When it comes to quality, durability and ease of use most people in the know about generators say that ETQ electric generators are always at the top of their “must have” list. The fact that the generator is so widely available and can be had for relatively small amounts of money only makes it that much better.

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