Etae Products Reviews


Etae Products Review:  Safe And Effective Way To Nourish And Style Your Hair                

Are you worried about the dryness and itchiness and damage to your hair brought on by the chemical filled hair products? Etae products with their wholesome natural ingredients offer a good alternative to your bad hair woes. Etae Products deals with hair care and is created and developed by Kisha Tompkins Hudson. With over 25 years of experience as hairstylist and owning a salon for over 19 years, Kisha Hudson has formulated the Etae products that are made from natural ingredients. The ingredients aim at improving hair health and appearance in the most safe and effective way.

She initially formulated the Etae product line to produce a line of natural hair care products for her daughter. Seeing the positive results of the products she later developed it further to benefit her clients too. Etae Products constitute a wide range of products including shampoo, conditioner and other related hair care creams and products.  The Etae product combo kit is one of the product packages marketed by Etae products.

Etae Natural Products Carmelux combo kit consists of shampoo, conditioner, gloss and Etae Carmel reconstructing treatment. According to the manufacturer, Etae products, designed for chemically processed and natural hair, rejuvenates and makes hair healthy and glowing. Let us see whether the product lives up to the hype in this review.

Feature Highlights of Etae Products

Etae products are developed from 100% natural ingredients and are aimed at making your hair strong, healthy, beautiful and most importantly manageable. The main advantages of the product include

  • Hair remains straight until the product is washed off
  • Carmel Treatment is easy to use and washes out in seconds
  • Prevents damage to hair and boosts hair growth
  • Ensures hair is manageable
  • Serves as a good moisturizer for hair
  • Hair returns to its natural curls when misted without causing any damage

All ingredients used in Etae Products are selected carefully for their growth and development potential. Further the products are safe for use on hair or scalp as they are made from natural ingredients only. Unless you have specific allergies to any of the natural ingredients used, the products will not have any damaging or harsh effect that is common when you use the hair care products that have synthetic chemicals added to them.

Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment

This is a dedicated hair care product that focuses on making hair soft, strong and lustrous. The main ingredients used in this product include honey, bananas, olive oil and a few other natural ingredients. The banana and honey help in restoring life back to hair. The product can be used on hair of any type. Since bananas are rich in potassium, they help in strengthening hair. All ingredients used in this deep penetrating Carmel treatment are rich in minerals, potassium and vitamins that are essential in providing the nourishment needed for scalp and hair. Using the hair treatment results in moisturization and strengthening of hair. Hair will soften and its texture will see great improvement.

The product is easy to apply. You have to just wet your hair before applying the Carmel reconstructing treatment.  This allows easy spreading of the product. When it is allowed to sit on hair for about 20 minutes and rinsed off the changes can be seen. Since it is sticky and thick in consistency, it is easy to apply without worrying about it running down and causing a mess. For a deeper conditioning, the manufacturer recommends allowing it to sit for an hour. Heat application is not needed and the product is easy to rinse off.  Is also does not leave any buildup and it does not cause any tangles.


ü  Is good for improving hair texture

ü  Deeply moisturizes hair

ü  Softens hair in a safe way


û  It is messy and sticky to use

Carmelux Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo

If you shun shampoo because of the drying effect, you will find Carmelux shampoo quite good as it helps remove dirt and other impurities from hair without causing dehydration. You hair will feel shiny and vibrant after using Carmelux shampoo.

Carmelux deep penetrating shampoo is made of natural ingredients that are totally free of sulfate. The shampoo has 20 ingredients with each ingredient being very useful for making the hair healthy. Vegetable glycerin, cocamide DEA, cetearyl alcohol, citric acid and cocamidopropyl betaine are the main ingredients used in the shampoo. It provides best results on wet hair. The ingredients help in keeping the hair thoroughly clean without affecting its natural luster.


ü  No loose hair strands present on using the shampoos

ü  It is free of sulfate

ü  It repairs damaged hair and rejuvenates it

ü  Encourages a strong and healthy scalp

ü  Regains hair luster efficiently


û  Hair becomes dry enough to require use of conditioner

Carmelux Silk Protein Conditioner

If you are worried about losing lots of hair strands, breakage and shrinkage in volume of your hair, the Carmelux silk protein conditioner is a good choice. For hair types that become dry even on using the moisturizing Etae Carmelux shampoo or other shampoos, the Carmelux conditioner is an ideal accompaniment to try.

It has protein derived from natural ingredients that is necessary to keep the hair texture enhanced. The ingredients added include panthenol, cetearyl alcohol and vegetable glycerin. The cetearyl alcohol is a good moisturizing agent.

It prevents hair breakage and creates increased body and volume of hair. The conditioner offers good shine and texture to hair.

When applied after cleansing of hair with shampoo, the Silk protein Carmelux conditioner provides the required slip and does not leave any buildup in the hair that can cause irritation to the scalp. The mild ingredients added, safely act on hair providing a high shine and good detangling.


ü  Softens hair effectively

ü  Moisturizes hair sufficiently to detangle it

ü  Made of silk protein


û  Detangling effect is very mild

Etae Hair Gloss

Etae hair gloss is filled with natural ingredients that soften and illuminate the hair. It is ideal for relaxed, natural, as well as hair type that have undergone color treatment.  The hair gloss is heat protectant and prevents dryness in hair. It helps moisturize the scalp and hair making it smooth and shiny. It acts by adding natural moisture to hair and softening it resulting in a glowing and lustrous hair. The hair gloss is ideal for flat ironing, curling, locs, braid sets, twist outs, buns, wash and go styles and all types of kid hair styling.

For best results of the gloss, it should be applied before you style your hair after application of shampoo, conditioner and drying of hair. In case of braiding hair and twisting, the gloss should be applied prior to setting. For use in kids, the product should be applied on damp hair before you blow dry it.


ü  It softens hair effectively

ü  Prevents dryness in hair

ü  Is heat protectant

ü  Gives natural shine and moisture to hair

ü  Moisturization effect on hair and scalp is good


û  It can be a bit greasy to use making the application messy

Customer Reviews

Customers who bought the Etae natural hair care products find it works good overall. They liked the detangling effect and the softening it brought to hair. The smell is also very pleasant.  Many customers find it is a good product for straightening hair without using chemicals. The reduced hair shedding, less breakage and loose strands are other positive points that users mention about the product.

However not all users are happy about the product. A few users complain that it thins hair and makes it break. The shiny, soft and bouncy texture stayed only for a short time. A few users complain that it causes itchiness and dryness of scalp. And some users mention that they did not see any visible difference after using the product. The straightening effect is diminished, if you are prone to excessive sweating in your scalp.

Bottom Line

The natural ingredients added in Etae products make them a safe product to use on hair. The reconstruction treatment, shampoo, conditioner and gloss act in different ways on hair and scalp producing very good results that result in shiny, thick, strong and healthy hair. You can easily create new and appealing styles as the product provides a silk press result.

When used in combination with the reconstructing treatment used first, followed by shampoo, conditioner and gloss the product improves texture, reduces breakage and enhances body and volume of hair.

However, with drawbacks like sticky or greasy feel while using and lack of durability of the effects produced, you need to consider using the product based on your specific needs contrary to what the makers recommend about using it on any type of hair.

Hair products in general should be used based on your specific needs. You should check the pros and cons of each product, its ingredients and effectiveness before using it.  And further application of the hair care product is also important in receiving the full benefit of the product. Before you choose any product for hair care, ensure it does not contain any ingredients that you are allergic to, even if the ingredients are natural.