Epilady Legend 4 Epilator


While beauty may only be skin deep, it is still an eye catcher. The first impression that a person leaves on another is through this beauty alone. One aspect of beauty is undoubtedly hair removal. Most people in the world would like to see a person who is clean-shaven with minimal amount of body hair. Excessive body hair is both a turn off and a bad impression on first sight. For this reason, many hair removal products have been developed throughout the years. With the advent of globalization, these products have the chance to compete with one another in the open market. One of these products is the epilator. The epilator has the unique function of removing hair right from the roots, which helps in having smooth skin and a longer period without hair regeneration. It also reduces the risk of hair ingrowth.

Epilady’s 4th generation legend is their best epilator. Faster, smoother epilator head with improved electrical and gear system that removes hair unwanted hair from underarms, legs, arms and bikini line. It is the only epilator in the market that provides a rubber grip for non-slip hold. This makes it a strong competitor in the market.

Features of Epilady Legend 4 Epilator

The USP of this product is that it could be used corded or cordless, with the same power and efficiency in either way. Once fully charged, the charge lasts up to 80 minutes enough for two full epilation’s. The power adapter has dual voltage (110V-240V) for easy use anywhere in the world.

This body groomer delivers 32,000 tweezers per minute removing even the coarse hair leaving the skin smooth for weeks. The wide head ensures smooth and fast epilating action, which includes two operating speeds for efficient epilation.

Pros of Epilady Legend 4 Epilator

The main advantage of this unique product is the efficiency of its use. While it provides a good handling, it can last without charge for a period of two full epilation cycles, thus proving to be beneficial in times of need. Equally, efficient while corded or on batteries, this epilator has the dual advantage of ease of use as well as giving the desired results in terms of the hair removal. The Epilady Legend 4 Epilator can be cleaned using a wet wipe. The box includes a carrying case, adapter and a cleaning brush.


The Epilady Legend 4 Epilator comes with a warranty of 1-year. This epilator can be used on all hair types. The Epilady Legend 4 Epilator weights 6.4 ounces and the shipping weights about 11.2 ounces. The product is available for shipping within the U.S. as well as to select countries abroad.


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