The Encore classic guitar is packaged to provide everything beginners need for a start up. This classic guitar comes in 3 different sizes that are very suitable for young guitarist and beginners. Its ½ size makes it a perfect choice for children to play. It can be also a great instrument for adults who are beginners. It has a wide neck that supports a sharp and accurate left hand and nylon strings that are gentle and kind to young fingers.

This classic guitar is brilliantly shaped to provide a comfortable playing of the instrument and produces a wholesome and perfect tone. It comes with a tutorial DVD to help new players and beginners get started. With this tutorial DVD, it makes this instrument suitable for all ages and the added carry bag helps you to carry the instruments easily.

The Encore ENC classic guitar is wonderfully made and it’s a good sounding instrument. The sound quality of this guitar is on par with more expensive models. It produces a very pleasant and rich, mellow sound.

This classical guitar is a good choice for a basic starting stage for young guitarist. The strings are made of nylon that is gentle and kind to fingers; it won’t sore your fingers easily. The Encore classical guitar package is a great and perfect choice for beginners, and it is actually a very popular starting point for beginners. This guitar suits both children and adults with its small size and it comes with 3 different sizes which allow you to choose the right size for you for a more comfortable playing. It is very light and easy to handle, and with the carry bag that is provided, you can bring it with you without hassle.



The size is good and very suitable for young players. The nylon strings are gentle and kind to fingers, making this guitar the right and perfect choice for children, while the wide neck supports a sharp and accurate left hand which provide ease and comfort while playing.

  • Carry bag

This guitar comes with a carry bag that allows you take the guitar with you comfortably. The carry bag is very useful.

  • Pitch pipe

The pitch pipe is a great help for getting the right tone enabling you to get and manage to hit any notes perfectly.

  • Set of spare strings

Also included is a set of spare strings which is very useful.

  • Tutorial DVD

The included tutorial DVD is very helpful for beginners as it provides the necessary information for a quick start up.

  •  Tutorial listings


  • Item Weight                1.9 kg
  • Number of Strings       6
  • Product Dimensions    88 x 36.2 x 10.6 cm
  • Size                              ½ size

The Encore classic guitar as with all the other classic guitars by Encore is designed to give new players of all ages the comfort and easy playing of the instruments. And Encore, being one of the best player in the guitar industry has played an important role in the growth and progress of young guitarist worldwide. Their classic guitars are highly recommended for players of all ages.


  • Comes in 3 different sizes to suit all kinds of players
  • The ½ size provides a good choice for children
  • Produces nice, rich tone
  • Tuning pipes and DVD are included to help beginners a quick start
  • The spare strings as well as the carry case makes a great value for your money


  • It doesn’t stay in tune for long; it needs retuning everyday


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