Pain management has never been more accessible than today. While plenty of patients rely on analgesic drugs and the access to medical facilities, things are slowly taking a turn. More and more people choose to invest in EMPI TENS units. Such things are also used in medical facilities, as well as the weight loss industry. From a medical point of view, they are excellent to treat chronic and acute pains (regardless of the affection), muscle soreness and stiffness.


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When it comes to fitness and weight loss, TENS units are useful to burn fat, but also to help people recover after a long workout session. They reduce muscle fever and soreness. Plus, their effects over your overall comfort are not to be overlooked either. What can be more relaxing than putting those pads on you and enjoying a pulse massage after a long day at work?

However, choosing the right EMPI TENS machine can be challenging with so many products for home uses. Then, what are the best rated ones? There must be something wherefore they sell so badly. Doing your homework is imperative. Identify your needs and expectations, then take a look over a few reviews. Analyze both the strengths and weaknesses of specific products before making a final choice.

1. EMPI Select Pain Management System

Empi Select Pain Management System

While the TENS unit can work against multiple sources of pain, the truth is that the manufacturer has specifically built it for chronic pains and arthritis. These are its main goals. If you suffer from such problems, it is excellent. At the same time, it is highly recommended against postoperative pains too. No matter what surgery you go through, the truth is that pains inevitably kick in once the anesthesia is over. The device can be used at home, but it is just as handy on the go. It is small and can easily fit into your pocket or purse. You can use it at your office workplace or while you travel.

The output current is adjustable and goes up to 60 milliamps. On the other hand, the pulse rate is directly proportional with your needs – 2 to 150 PPS (Pulses Per Second). The pulse duration also goes up to 400 microseconds at a 50% peak amplitude. However, it is adjustable. The monitor displays your session length and overall intensity for each channel, not to mention the number of sessions. It practically becomes your personal trainer.

When it comes to the general operation, the pain management TENS unit requires three AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries also work. It weighs less than 5 ounces (with the batteries in), so it feels like a smartphone when carried around. Given its reputation, it can easily prevent the farther use of analgesic medications and drugs. It is a natural approach that takes pain away overnight.

2. EMPI St199584001 Select TENS Pain Management System

The EMPI St199584001 model can be described in three different ways, depending on its uses and necessities. For example, the unit works as a classic NMES device, as well as a TENS device and a high voltage unit. If you are the sick type and you hang around such things, you are probably familiar with its expensive tabletop alternative available in many clinics. It works with batteries, so it is excellent for home, office or traveling uses. It brings in low charges that contract muscles and relax them. It is also appropriate against muscular soreness and stiffness.

When it comes to its actual features, patients will benefit from five presets. They allow using the device out of the box with some of the most common settings. At the same time, it comes with four treatment modes. Their main goal is to offer longterm pain relief. You do not necessarily need to suffer from one disease or another in order to get this TENS device. Instead, it is just as common for those who like relaxing after a long day at work.

The display gives you the opportunity to monitor everything about your treatment. Keep an eye on the sessions, intensity, session length and treatment mode. This way, you can make the right adjustments accordingly. With about five ounces in weight (with the batteries in) and less than four ounces (without batteries), the portability leaves no room for mistakes.

3. EMPI Select TENSTM Pain Management System

Select TENSTM Pain Management System

EMPI Select TENSTM Pain Management System is specifically developed with clinical purposes against painful sensations. Practically, it is useful against arthritis, postoperative, chronic and acute pains. It is also used against pains caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, such as back pains occurring after spending 10 hours in an office. All in all, the device delivers a variable amount of current (up to 60 milliamps) into the nerves. This way, the painful signals are disrupted. Instead of feeling pain, patients feel numbness. With these uses in mind, the TENS system is just as common with relaxation purposes.

The output current is highly adjustable. Make sure that you do not exaggerate though. You should just figure what kind of settings work for you. Start slowly and go up. Sure, the maximum value is not going to hurt you anyway. Other than that, you got access to individual presets too. There are specific programs for the upper back, wrists, knees, shoulders or the lower back. Intensity levels can be thoroughly customized too. At first, it might be wise to start with the presets, then change specific settings as you understand what truly works.

Finally, the pain management system is portable, small and can be used out of the box. It is highly intuitive as well, since each button is labeled.


As a short final conclusion, EMPI TENS units are excellent for pain relief. They have proven their point in numerous medical facilities, but you can also find them in chiropractics offices. These days, they are more accessible than ever. They are smaller than the large tabletop alternatives from medical clinics, but they offer the same level of reliability. Given their size, they certainly offer a great flexibility.


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