Elkay Water Coolers


Elkay Water Cooler Parts & Filters Quality Examination

When it comes to hydrating thirsty people, the Elkay water cooler has been satisfying that need for years.


Elkay water dispensers can be found in virtually any type of building, including schools, hospitals, offices, and factories.

Their state-of-the-art designs, and high-quality materials, make them one of the most popular choices for those needing to provide clean, fresh water to the public.

Elkay bottle water cooler comes in either free standing or wall hung refrigerated fountains. The company offers a huge variety of styles and models to choose from, with a variety of capacity levels.

They also offer modern, high-quality fountains that are suitable for outdoor use in settings such as parks, sporting fields, etc.

Elkay Water Coolers Feature:

Elkay 14 Gauge Heavy Duty Water Cooler

  • Most models offer push bars that will shut off automatically once released. They also offer a highly effective bubbler system that meets all sanitary and EPA codes.
  • Elkay dispensers are constructed with copper components and do not contain any lead at all. Joints are connected using only silver solder.
  • Units come with a screen that can be cleaned easily. This screen catches particles up to 140 microns and larger.
  • Elkay floor water cooler is available in both 115 Volt and 220 Volt models.
  • For ease of operation, Elkay water dispenser comes with pre-set thermostats
  • Used Elkay water cooler parts are easy to locate either online or offline, and are available through a variety of vendors.
  • The company utilizes a stainless storage and evaporator tank that is pressurized. This gives the unit longer life, when maintained properly.
  • The interior systems are certified NSF/ANSI 61, which greatly exceeds the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • No lead is used in the construction of any model offered by the company.
  • Elkay water cooler filter is constructed using high-quality materials that have been tested and have been certified by NSF International.

The Benefits of Elkay Water Filters


Elkay filtration system can remove more than 97.5 percent of any free available chlorine that may be present. This results in Class 1 measurements when tested under ANSI/NSF 42.

The advantages to using Elkay drinking water cooler are numerous. Not only does the company provide outstanding models that are well-constructed without using lead, but they also provide a high level of proven safety with their Elkay water filters and screens.

Another advantage the company offers is that they have a full line Elkay water cooler parts available should they be needed. In addition, Elkay water filter spares are available online at many vendors.

It should be noted that the company also offers its Elkay PureSmart water filter through a variety of vendors. These devices are constructed to fit most models, and are considered to be some of the very best filtration devices on the market today.

Elkay PureSmart water filters are certified to reduce odors, lead, foul taste, and chlorine.


The only real disadvantage is that these models normally require professional installation, for both plumbing and electrical. It is not something a general handyman will want to take on.

Popular – Best Elkay Water Cooler

The Elkay Legacy which is a wall-mounted, affordable unit with a flow rate of about 7.6 GPH. This model includes options for both carafe filling and glass filling.

The second most popular unit is actually the Elkay Bottled Water Cooler Retro Kit. This kit will attach to most push-bar models (115V only) and allows users to fill up their own containers fast and easily. In essence, it turns a standard Elkay water dispenser into an Elkay bottled water cooler filling station.

With the Elkay water coolers product line being so vast and diverse, it just the matter of knowing exactly what you need for you office or apartment.


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