Eliptical Trainer Reviews – Which one should you buy?


Are you one of the millions of people who is considering the purchase of one of the latest elliptical trainers to help you with your exercise workout? 

This page will provide you with some information you may need to read before you make that purchase.

The research that has been done on these elliptical machines shows that they provide an intense cardio workout similar to treadmills and stair climbers with minimum impact on body joints. 

The ideal machine for an effective upper body and lower body workout is the elliptical cross trainer. These give you a complete body workout in the privacy of your own home. 

Five of the most popular elliptical machines manufacturers on the market according to keyword searches are

  • Precor ellipticals
  • Nautilus ellipticals
  • CardioZone ellipticals
  • Proform ellipticals
  • Reebok ellipticals

All five provide treadmills between the ranges of $800-$2000+ with different features and are provide effective upper and lower body workouts.

Some tips that will be helpful in buying your ideal elliptical: 

  • Figure out what your budget is before you go comparison shopping.
  • Make a list of features you are looking for e.g. heart rate monitoring options, calories burned tracking etc. 
  • Try to get a test workout on the machine. Too many people have purchased an elliptical cross trainer, only to find that they found it very uncomfortable to use. 
  • Make sure your arms and legs feel comfortable using this machine. You could be spending a lot of time on it.
  • Be aware of warranty details – parts & labor, service warranty etc. 
  • Figure out how much space you can spare in your home for storage.

Take your time. There are plenty of ellipticals on the market and you are well on your way to finding the one that’s right for you. 


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