Electric Tankless Water Heaters


At a time when money doesn’t seem to buy much, you might be interested in saving as much of it as you can. One way you can save money is to stop spending so much on electricity. In the average home, one of the biggest consumers of electricity is your water heater. Traditional water heaters work all the time, heating, and then reheating a volume of water in a tank just in case someone will need it. Seeing that most people spend a good portion of every day at work, at school, shopping, or traveling, it seems like a waste to be heating water for all that time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if – rather than spending all that money heating water that may not be used for a very long time – you could save money by heating only the water you need? In the past, this would be something impossible, but now the future is here and so are electric tankless water heaters. One of the first things you will want to know is how a tankless electric water heater works.

Basically, the tankless water heater heats water near where you are going to use it. When you turn the hot water on, the faucet, the water that comes out is hot right away since it doesn’t have to travel all the way from a heater tank. The electric tankless hot water heater heats the water as you use it and can typically supply between two and five gallons of hot water per minute. For those using more hot water, you can put two units together so that the hot water will be produced fast enough. How much money can be saved by using a tankless electric water heater? That varies depending on how much hot water you use.

Obviously, the more hot water you use will reduce the amount of money you can save by using an electric tankless water heater, because these devices are designed for typical household use. Typically, electric tankless water heaters can be over 25% more efficient than a traditional water heater. If you are able to install an electric tankless hot water heater at every place you use hot water such as every faucet, the dishwasher, the clothes washer, and the shower, you can save almost 50% of the energy that a tank solution uses. Now that you see that a tankless electric water heater can save you money, you might be interested in some other ways an electric tankless water heater can help make your life better.

First, if you happen to have a solar panel that heats water, you can use electric tankless water heaters to serve as “boosters” to keep that water hot as it travels into your house. Another cool way to use a tankless electric water heater would be to install it in the pool house where you ordinarily wouldn’t want to put a whole separate tank water heater. By installing an electric tankless water heater, you can enjoy instant hot water, while saving money. Every time you install a tankless electric water heater, you can feel good about it, knowing that the electric tankless water heater will put money back in your pocket.


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