Electric Saw


While gas powered chainsaws may be great at handling just about any job out there, they are also heavy and cumbersome, not to mention expensive. If you are planning on doing some simple work around the yard, such as trimming limbs, or even cutting down small trees, then an electric chainsaw may be all you need.


Gas powered chainsaws come with a variety of headaches and frustrations that must be dealt with. For starters, a gas powered chainsaw is significantly heavier than electric models and can leave you worn out after using one for even short periods of time. Gas chainsaws are also difficult to start, usually requiring several hard pulls before they will crank up. With a gas chainsaw, you also must worry about getting the right gas to oil ratio with your fuel, or you will end up damaging the saw.

For simple around the yard work, you may really want to consider an electric chainsaw. Electric chainsaws are much lighter, with even the larger models weighing in as little as eight pounds. They also start on the first attempt, eliminating the tiring frustration of having to make repeated attempts at starting up. After hours of working in the yard, you will appreciate the lightweight construction of electric chainsaws, especially for doing jobs like trim work.

Just because it’s an electric saw, however, doesn’t mean that you should forget any of the standard safety guidelines. Always wear safety goggles and ear protection. Steel toed shoes are also highly recommended. A helmet may also be a good idea. When cutting, never use the end of the guide bar to cut. Be sure to also inspect the chain before beginning to make sure it has not become loose or dull. Dull or loose chains can break or fly off the guide bar, causing serious injury.

One of the major drawbacks of the electric chainsaw is of course the cord that you will be forced to drag around. Be careful not to get the cord snagged up on anything, or worse yet, actually cut the cord.

Remington provides an excellent electric chainsaw at just $49.99 with the Model 1076240R, a 16 inch, 3 horsepower chainsaw. At the top end of the market you will find models by Makita and Milwaukee that cost upwards of $280, but provide all the power needed without the headaches of a gas powered motor.


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