Eggs – with Alfalfa Sprouts


When I say Eggs, I do, mean real chicken eggs. Nearly all of this site’s recipes are Vegan or Vegetarian, but I do use eggs, sometimes.

Throughout my recipes I give alternatives for eggs, but I, personally, have never used an egg substitute for scrambled eggs or omelets. If you have, and it’s good, please let me know what has worked for you.

Back to real eggs… We have access to country chickens “aka yard eggs” and love to take advantage of this luxury.

Fresh Eggs Eggs   with Alfalfa Sprouts

From time to time we even get the privilege of taking care of the chickens and get to keep the eggs. We love that! There is just something about peaking into the nest and finding several eggs laid and ready to be taken. I guess it’s like a hide-and-seek game — fun for the whole family.

Today, many children do not get to experience chicken yards like this that we, as adults, take for granted. They think eggs come from the grocery store…not a chicken. Keeping chickens and collecting eggs is a character building experience, especially having to wash the “yuck” off the eggs before putting them up.

A friend had mentioned she put sprouts in her omelet. I thought I’d try this for lunch with my children. Great idea!

My children love having eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I think they love the idea cooking their own eggs more than eating them…maybe.

They did not see the sprouts coming, though. They each had a bowl they cracked their egg into and I immediately pulled out the sprouts. We have been talking of the benefits of sprouts and have been watching them grow daily. They know the importance, but have not yet learned to eat them for whatever  reason, … yet.  So, I started out small, sprinkling only a small amount into their bowls and the sprouts quickly become hidden in the mix. Okay, so far, so good.

Once cooked, the sprouts stick to the egg and there is no way to pick them out, not that they would… (yeah, right).  They liked the eggs and ate all their lunch. Even asked for more eggs (knowing there would be sprouts involved). Mission accomplished! The comment was even made “You really can’t taste them, Mom.”

As for my Egg with Sprouts…I feel presentation is (nearly) everything.

  1. I cracked two eggs into a bowl and added a tablespoon or two of almond milk, salt and pepper, and some Alfalfa Sprouts. Mixed well.
  2. I scrambled the eggs and sprouts in a skillet and placed them down the center of a warm wrap.
  3. I added a layer of salsa and more sprouts… beautiful!  And delicious!

Egg Wrap with Sprouts – a nutritious lunch!

This is also excellent made as an omelet with a big bunch of sprouts folded into the center. Yummy, so much nutrition and high in protein.

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