Eating At Restaurants While On The Abs Diet


Being on the abs diet is hard enough, but even tougher when on vacation, a business trip, or looking to go out for an evening. Eating at restaurants is probably one of your worst fears. How will you know what to eat?

How will you know which foods are best and still maintain the abs diet?

How do you decide which restaurant to eat at? These are all questions we must ask ourselves; however, it does not have to be difficult.

While on the abs diet, you can still enjoy eating out and still maintain your diet. The biggest problem with eating at restaurants while on the abs diet is the way the foods are cooked. The one thing you likely want to avoid is butter.

Therefore, you should find out how the foods are cooked and ask for them to be cooked without butter.

The one thing about your abs diet is that you want to avoid excess fat and implement more protein. In other words, cut out the butter, avoid vegetables, meats, and other items that are cooked with butter or ask them to cook these items without butter.

While on the abs diet, you will also want to avoid calorie-filled beverages.

Beer, wine, and soda are the abs diet worst enemy. The problem with soda, beer, and wine is that the calories contained in these are pure space, they are empty, and they will not help you in any way. In fact, they work against you.

These items will tell you that you need to eat more and at the same time, they will tell the body that you do not need to burn as much fat, which is of no help on your abs diet.

Instead of beer, wine, or soda implement green tea, water, and reduced fat milk.

Even 2% milk or a maximum of two cans of diet coke is better than the beer, wine, or soda. It is important to stick to the diet, even while eating at restaurants.

It is also just as important to remember that no one is perfect. You might cheat and that is ok.

So what if you have a hefty helping of hot wings once in a while, it does not mean you have given up your diet. Just pick up where you left off.

Cheating is ok so long as it is in moderation. The foods you love are going to literally be calling your name while you are on a diet, so it is no big surprise that you will be tempted to eat them.

Just remember cheating is ok, but you need to get right back on the wagon and continue with the abs diet.Similar Articles


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