Eastern Tools & Equipment 8,250 Watt 14 HP 420cc 4-Cycle OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator


Electricity is a necessity in today’s society. It provides us with comfort and convenience that we enjoy today and just thinking about life without electricity is unimaginable. If you need portable electricity as insurance against power outages in your home as well as for use in job sites, then a generator would be able to provide you with the power you need.

If you are a professional building contractor or you have medium sized home, then the Eastern Tools & Equipment 8,250 watt generator is for you. So, just what makes this generator better than others you may ask?

First of all, this will be able to provide you with a 8,250 watt continuous power. If you know your electricity, this is definitely a lot of power. This particular model is designed for heavy duty use. For example, it will be able to provide power in jobsites that require electricity to essential tools, and it will also be able to provide power to medium sized homes.

What makes the Eastern Tools & Equipment unique and superior to other generators is that it is equipped with a fuel efficient engine. It also provides a clean and stable output and on top of that, this particular generator will be able to generate a near perfect output that is comparable to an inverter generator.

With a THD that is always under five percent, you can be sure that you will be provided with a steady and reliable flow of electricity. The engine is also superior. This particular model has a 14 horsepower Eastern Tools & Equipment OHV engine with 420cc displacement.

This means that it will be able to provide a more stable torque and output. Other great features include a 6.42 gallon fuel tank capacity which can give you 10 hours uninterrupted running time at half load. And, with semi-pneumatic wheels and handle, you will be able to get easy mobility. So, if you need a heavy duty generator that is reliable, powerful and portable, the Eastern Tools & Equipment 8,250 watt generator is one generator that I would definitely recommend.

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