Earthwise 50118 Lawn Mower Reviews


Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Earthwise 50118

Earthwise 50118 best lawn mower reviews

Earthwise 50118

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Earthwise 50118 Overview

Earthwise 50118 is a 12amp electric lawnmower with 18 inches cutting deck, side discharge, and mulching capability. The 12 amp electric motor is capable of providing consistent cutting performance that significantly removes annoying pull – start operations while getting the same level performance of gas powered lawn mowers. When it comes to power and efficiency, the Earthwise 50118 has plenty of it in addition to a zero emission feature that enables you to work your lawn while reducing your carbon footprint. The 18-inch cutting width with its ultra tough steel mower deck makes sure that the mower will provide a consistent and lasting performance. With a much wider coverage, you will be able to complete your mowing with fewer passes which in turn will save you time and effort. Best price at AMA

The composite seven inches wheels are also an excellent addition for navigating uneven and tough terrain. And for added durability, this also features capped double ball bearings that also makes maneuverability a breeze. The ergonomic V-handle design is not only for comfort but also for better control when on a rough terrain.

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Earthwise 50118 Features

  • No tools assembly and you only have to hand -tighten the components and you are on the go. The single lever height adjustment control can be adjusted from 1 1/2-4″ to 7″.
  • Soft touch operation, ergonomic V handlebar design with padded grip for added comfort and equipped with seven inches, easy to roll, durable composite wheels.
  • Handle mounted safety blade control with foldable handle for easy storage and convenient transportation. This model is also ultra lightweight at forty eight pounds backed with a two year warranty guaranteed by Earthwise manufacturer

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Earthwise 50118 Benefits

  • You get the same amount of power and performance but in a much lighter, cleaner, easy to use, quieter mower. There is no need for pull start operation; no emission; no oil; no maintenance.
  • One push button-start, simple but functional and no need for fuel and oil mix. This also beneficial for its cost effective operation with its two in one cutting system (side discharge and mulching).

The single lever height adjustment system is one of the features that make this an excellent option for first time buyers. You can easily adjust the wheels simultaneously in order to match your required grass height using a single lever control. You also have seven options for height positions. In addition to this, the safety blade control mounted on the handle is what separates this mower from other traditional electric lawn mowers in the market. The side discharge feature is convenient for easy cleanup and the mulching provides natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Earthwise 50118 Conclusion

Although some would prefer using gas powered mowers, the Earthwise 50118 is pretty powerful enough with its 12 amp electric motor. And with the power, you also get additional benefits like reduced cost on fuel and oil expenses, virtually zero maintenance, and no messy and annoying operation. The 12 amp electric motor can provide the same amount of power but in a much quieter and environment friendly way. Best price at AMA


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