Durostar Gasoline Powered Electric Start Portable Generator Review

Durostar Gasoline Powered Electric Start Portable Generator Review

Want a generator which is powerful enough to run all the appliances from air-conditioners to each and every little accessory? This might be one of the best choices for electricity solution in the time of break-down, be it naturally or technically. Durostar Gasoline Powered Electric Start Portable Generator is a 10000 watt surge generator which is reliable for home and the other sites where some power consuming apparatuses like drilling machine, computer, printers etc. are working. A safe and sound solution of electricity outrage available with market competitive rates in the shape of this out of the box item. Shipping facility is also provided with some terms and conditions. Following are the specifications of this item and also some of the facts which collectively carve this to be worth commendable one.

Power and outcome:

The surge capacity of this generator is 10000 watt while running capacity is 8000. It has got a 16-horsepower Durostar OHV engine which is enough for all the appliances including air conditioner, iron, refrigerator etc. The power panel include 4 points fully isolated motor mounts as well. Volt meter is also built-in in this generator so that you can set it accordingly. Circuit breaker and power outlets are some more exceptional features fitted in its heavy duty frame. Super-quiet exhaust carve it the best option to avail from the huge market of generators. One 120-volt 20-amp twist lock, second twist lock is of 120/240-volt 30-amp and one heavy duty outlet of 120v/240v. This is not the end, one 10-amp 12-V utility connection is also fixed in this item which is for the charging of battery or other 12-volt devices and appliances.

Generator’s dimensions:

The total weight of this generator is 260 pounds which sounds too heavy to move easily. But for the solution of this, wheel kit is given in this generator so that it becomes convenient for everyone to mobilize it wherever one wants it to place on. The dimension of its size calculates 40x29x27.5 (inches). With efficient working ability and reasonable fuel consumption, this is an ideal home friendly generator.


A common recoil start-up or even an electric starter is also there which requires a battery. Generally, the batteries are not given as a complementary with generators but in the case of this one, the battery is provided along with this which is a great deal to attract purchasers.

Other features:

The automatic system of detecting oil-level is there and the generator automatically stops working if oil is below the average, to prevent the machine getting out of order. Super cool engine system is also worth mentioning here. And then the biggest issue people complain about generators is its loud and disturbing noise but due to its advanced technology it does not make that loud noises. Fuel consumption and running time is longer than expected for the reliability of users. It is well-designed generator which comes with an elusive packing so far.

Customer review and selling rank:

At the end of the day, user’s conclusion is important. People who purchased and are using this item have rated it with 4.5 stars which is collectively a good feedback for a generator. Moreover it is also one of the bestselling articles on amazon. People, because of its features and consistency take interest in buying this item.

Concluded summary:

Generator is in general view, required as an alternative when electricity breaks-down incidentally. This machine should be ready to work anytime and this is what the quality of this portable generator is. This heavy duty generator is ready to serve you by running all your electronic appliances at once no matter if it is an air-conditioner or refrigerator. It never makes too much noise to disturb your normal life. Other features including the automatic shut-down of generator at the moment when it is running out of oil is what proves it safe and sound.

The market competitive rates with shipping facility is also one of the most appealing facts that can roll one’s eyes to purchase this. Great response from the purchasers and users is also an evidence of its working efficiency and great output. In short, if one is willing to purchase this item then he is surely going to invest on something exceedingly productive.

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