DuroStar DS4400 Portable Generator


The DuroStar DS4400 is a portable generator who’s target demographic seems to revolve majorly around those looking for a convenient and well-rounded portable generator who boasts reliability and stability. While perhaps not the most powerful generator of its kind on the current market, it has its own fair share of features which make up for this. While it may not be the absolute best choice for more resource heavy adventures, it’s more than appropriate for handling a camping trip or acting as a short-term backup generator or for those who want something small and quiet for casual use. Let’s get more into these features and what this generator is best suited for.

Power & Performance

As previously stated, this generator is not meant for heavy, industrial use, nor would it be suitable to reliably power a family home for a significant amount of time beyond simply using it to power lights and some kitchen appliances. At 4,400 watts; however, you’re still going to be able to get some use out of it and, assuming its not having an unreasonable amount of strain put on it, it will preform quite well without users having to worry about any unforeseen mishaps occurring. For powering a set of lights and a mini fridge, or for powering an RV, the DS4400 will work just fine. It should be noted that, while it can handle a surge of 4,400 watts, its AC output is only 3,500 watts.

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Safety Features

The DS4400 comes built with an automatic shutoff feature which kicks in when the generator is getting low on oil. While not necessarily a safety feature aimed at users, this does a fantastic job of protecting the engine, which in turn increases the lifespan of the product as well as its reliability, keeping you warm and your food cold, all while saving you money in the long run. As far as user safety is concerned, DuroStar built a spark arrestor into the generator, keeping flammable debris from being emitted by the generator. This is obviously a huge safety feature which may even prevent a fire or two over the generator’s life. In fact, I wouldn’t buy a generator which doesn’t have a spark arrestor. As far as safety goes, this generator is just perfect.

Control Panel Features

The control panel – or Power Panel, as DuroStar puts it – is found on the side of the generator and has several features. For starters, it comes complete with a volt meter which, while not absolutely essential, is a good thing to have. It also has an RV switch, circuit breakers, the generator’s power outlet and an engine shutoff switch. The panel is crystal clear in design and is sure to make operating the machinery easy, even for those purchasing their first generator. A generator’s control panel may not be the main selling point for lots of folks, though it’s certainly nice to see a company take the time to make things easy for their users to understand.


Of all the potential reasons to buy this generator, the biggest one would have to be its portability. Sure, it’s not the only maneuverable generator, nor is it the most powerful, but relative to its power it is very maneuverable. I wouldn’t dare call this generator heavy duty, though when compared to others of its type it’s not too shabby at all.

The silence at which is runs is something we can all appreciate as well. Unless you’re standing right next to it while it is operating, odds are, you’re not going to hear it working at all. The last thing you need while trying to relax at the cottage is a generator growling at you the whole time. Luckily, this one does nothing of the sort.

Lastly, the generator is very convenient and easy to use for multiple reasons. For starters, the majority of users report that, despite it not having an electric starter, it generally starts on the first pull. Also, it comes with its own wheel kit, aiding in both convenience (because you don’t need to search elsewhere for a wheel kit) and portability. The fact that it comes easy to assemble only makes things even more convenient.


The major con with this product is the one year warranty. This isn’t a phone, nor is it a video game; a generator is something you want lasting several years. Despite the product’s durability, it is somewhat disheartening to see such a short warranty, being that defective products are sold in all sectors. Luckily; however, this doesn’t seem to happen a whole lot with this particular product. There’s also the fact that this isn’t one of the more powerful generators on the market, but you already knew that.

The Verdict

If you just need something small and portable, the DuroStar DS4400 portable generator will work wonders. It’s maneuverable, easy to use and runs unbelievably quiet. While not the cheapest product of its type, the DuroStar DS4400 will more than provide consumers with their money’s worth. For those with the cash to spend who want something of the portable variety, I would highly recommend this generator.

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