DuroStar DS4000S Review


The requirement of a reliable generator is quickly becoming a necessity especially if you enjoy travelling; camping around in the country, getting away from the common din of the city and visiting you vacation home on weekends. Even generally,, it is a good idea to keep a generator in your house as well. You can use it for backup in case of potential power outages that can be caused by stormy weather. This is where the DS4000S generator from DuroStar comes in handy.
To be frank, Chinese imports are not that bad. They are built well enough to last a year at the minimum and have very cheap costs. Similarly, the DuroStar DS4000S is also a Chinese product that has beaten many existing generators built in America. It has low maintenance and operating costs in addition to the cheap selling price. In my own experience, I have seen it support my TV, air conditioner, two light bulbs and a refrigerator all at once for about 10 hours before it gave up. This is quite remarkable. With a pull recoil cord and a start switch, it is really easy to operate. Its functioning should be smooth as long as you manage to drain out the fuel and oil after its done and then refuel before use the next time.


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  • Pocket friendly. Price wise, this is a really good buy
  • Loudness – They say its 69 Db. It is not very quiet but it gives a quite peaceful experience for a 3300 watt generator.
  • It gets started with just one pull which is quite an impressive feat.
  • The construction quality of the generator is great. It is really well built.
  • The size of its fuel tank is 4 gallons, which is very nice and it can run for 10 hours on a full tank.


  • The oil change interval is recommended to be 20 hours which means you almost have to change the oil after every refill of the tank.
  • The frame of the machine hinders the oil drain up to some extent making the oil run along the frame while draining which is certainly not good.
  • There is no wattmeter or amp meter provided. There is a volt meter which not really needed.
  • Nuts, washers and the grounding post are very small.
  • Its packaging is not satisfactory for UPS ground shipping. In my case, it came with a dent in the operating panel.

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Its noise levels are decreased by a heavy steel frame and motor mounts which are isolated. The DuroStar DS4000S is actually the most silent of them all. One thing to look for is the requirement to drain the oil every 20 hours as it also creates a hassle being located below the frame. The foam protection in its packaging is not proper so be sure to order for extra packaging online.

  • It comes with an EPA approved overhead 7.0 horsepower engine which is air cooled.
  • Houses a recoil start which can run almost 3300 watts of power non stop
  • With a display hub and start switch, its recoil pull starter is easy to use
  • Automatic feature for low oil shutdown
  • It has two outlets having three prongs for power supply to home appliances and another one for high power devices
  • Outlets run on 20 amp and 120 volts
  • Fuel tank of 4 gallons which can run at on half capacity for 8 hours
  • Limited warranty coverage of one year

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Generally, it is next to impossible to find a 4400 watts max power generator in a price range below $400. Due to its power, it comes in handy as a back up during power outages.


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