DuroStar 4000 Watt Generator Review


DuroStar 4000 Watt Generator Review

durostar 4000 watt generator

The DuroStar 4000 Watt Generator is great for emergency power at home, construction sites, boating, RV’s, and camping with its powerful 7HP gas powered air-cooled engine. Equipped with a manual recoil starting system, this unit is perfectly capable of cranking out 3300 watts of continuous output and peak surges of 4000 watts.

Sturdy, well-built and reliable this generator can be used for a variety of situations from safe-guarding your family during power outages to running multiple power tools on a remote job site.

With its built-in four gallon gas tank the DuroStar 4000 Watt Generator can run at 50% output for up to 8 hours due to it’s fuel efficient air cooled design. Gas levels can be monitored at a glance with an attached fuel gauge conveniently located on the tank. The entire unit is mounted onto a heavy duty all steel frame with fully isolated engine mounts to reduce noise and vibration while running. This unit comes without a wheel kit and must be lifted in order to move. Weighing in at over 100lbs on the ground (shipping weight is 135 lbs), you may want to purchase the optional wheel kit if rolling mobility is important to you.

Other standard features include a super quiet exhaust/muffler system, automatic shut down sensor for low oil levels, built-in spark arrestor, and a spark plug wrench. The power panel is a fully functional dashboard with all the controls, breakers and receptacles located conveniently in one easy to use location. Power panel features include two (20 amp-120 volt) 3 pronged standard household outlets, and one (30 amp-120 volt) for heavy usage power tools and pumps.

The DuroStar 4000 watt generator is not CARB compliant. Although this unit lacks electric start and is not as quiet as the Yamaha inverter model, for the price this is an outstanding generator at under $400.00. If you are a California resident you’ll need to purchase a CARB compliant model. Comes with a one year limited warranty, the DuroStar 4000 watt generator, owner’s manual with operating instructions, and a small but essential tool-kit.

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Product Details – DuroStar 4000 Watt Generator

3300 watts continuous output with 4000 max surge
8 hours run time on a single tank of gas (4 gallons)
Recoil start with EZ Pull
EPA approved with spark arrestor
Auto shut-down low oil sensor
Quiet exhaust/muffler system
7 HP air cooled OHV gas powered engine
Decibel rating – 69 dba
Shipping weight is 135 pounds

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durostar 4000 gas powered portable generator

Out of the box the DuroStar 4000 watt generator was easy to set up and it started with very little effort on the second pull. Its 4000 watts allowed me to run a refrigerator, a small window unit air-conditioner, television and a couple of lights for almost 9 hours on four gallons of gas.

Although it’s not silent by any means, this unit is noticeably quieter then other construction style generators I’ve owned, the gas gauge is easy to see, and the price was very low for a generator of this quality at 4000 watts.

Some negatives I need to let you know about is that the motor requires frequent oil changes (recommended every 20 hours), there’s a voltage meter but no watt or amp meter, and the grounding hardware could be a little bigger. My DuroStar 4000 watt generator arrived undamaged and on time (free shipping was not available when I bought mine), however I have heard some complaints that the packing was inadequate, resulting in minor dents during shipping.

Here’s what one owner had to say about the DuroStar 4000 Watt Generator:

“Two things I want to comment on here. First the generator runs reliably, and I haven’t even over stacked the thing yet. I can run an entire room i.e. flat screen, one lamp, wall heater etc, and it has plenty of wiggle room for more appliances. Second: I can’t believe how fast it got here. I ordered this thing just 4 days before that hurricane that hit the north last fall, and it got to my house in 3 days!”

R Fleming

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durostar gas powered portable generator
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