DuroPower 3500 Portable Generator With Electric Start


Looking for a 3500 portable generator with electric start, we suggest the DuroPower DP3500ENG 3500w dual fuel Gas/NG generator because it offers the user an array of features. Domestic and commercial users benefit from dual power operation, long operation periods and a host of other features. With a 6.5 HP OHV air cooled, gasoline dual fuel powered engine, this product comes complete with an EPA certificate. Notably, this model is exceptionally smooth running, has a low oil shut off feature and is EZ pull starting.

The frame is constructed of heavy duty steel, the mounts surrounding the motor are isolated ensuring ultra smooth, quiet operation. Changing engine oil regularly will give the user in excess of three hundred hours continuous usage. In addition, one can expect a full tank of gas to offer more than twelve hours continuous operational time.

This Duro Power 3500 portable generator with electric start boasts a muffler helping to reduce the engine noise to a 60dBA decibel level. This model has an impressive power panel featuring an AC/DC circuit protector and power outlets, engine shut off switch, AC circuit breaker and volt meters.

Offering fuel saving capabilities, the idle control feature reduces the use of propane use by at least 20%. Furthermore, the new tech throttle ensures quieter operation.

Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, this 3500 portable generator with electric start can be used in a variety of settings including, construction sites, for outdoor activities and events, and is very useful in situations where emergency power is needed. The user can expect to power a full spectrum of electric appliances and tools from this model.

The DuroPower DP3500ENG 3500w dual fuel Gas/NG generator has a one year, one thousand hour warranty for domestic customers, and a three month, 1000 hour warranty for commercial customers. It has a maximum AC output of 3300w and a rated AC output of 3000w. The dimensions of this model are 28x 21x 22 and its gross weight is 111 lbs.

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