DuroMax XP8500E Generator


Best Portable Generators for Home Use – DuroMax XP8500E

DuroMax XP8500E best portable generators for home use

DuroMax XP8500E

Best Portable Generators for Home Use – DuroMax XP8500E OVERVIEW

The DuroMax XP8500E gas powered sixteen horsepower OHV, four cycle air cooled engine is integrated with recoil and electric start. With the convenient starting system and high power generation output, the XP8500E is certainly one of the best portable generators in the market today. It can supply more than enough power to run any application and light up decent sized houses. This is also CARB compliant and EPA approved which is a rare thing for any high wattage portable generators. With up to 8,500 watts surge power and 7,000 watts continuous power, this can provide clean electricity for up to eight hour run time per seven gallon gas tank. And with automatic low oil shut off system, you’ll definitely have more protection for your portable generator engine and your appliances as well. Best price at AMA

Best Portable Generators for Home Use – DuroMax XP8500E Features

  • Heavy duty DuroMax 16.0 Hp, OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered air cooled engine with
  • One pull recoil start and battery powered electric start (battery comes with the package)
  • Durable industrial grade steel frame integrated with four point damper system for fully isolated motor mounts. This allows for a smooth and quiet operation even when fully loaded.
  • Full power panel inclusive of key start one touch start system, circuit breakers, oil level warning device, battery condition lights, volt meter, and power outlets.
  • Pneumatic no flat wheel kit and padded push handle bar for easy transporting and convenient storage. The wheel kit is a set of 10.5 inches all-terrain no flat tires. The pneumatic design allows the wheel to handle various types of terrain that greatly improves its mobility both on hard and soft ground.
  • Ultra quiet muffler for minimizing engine noise to seventy two decibels with a load and only forty one decibels when the idle control is engaged and no load is running.
  • Inclusive of spark arrestor to prevent errant sparks from flying out.

Best Portable Generators for Home Use – DuroMax XP8500E Safety Features

  • Four 20 Amps fully protected 120 volts outlets and one 30 Amps 120 Volts / 240 Volts twist lock.
  • One 10 Amps 12 Volts utility socket for running a variety of 12 Volts electronics and for charging the battery.
  • The DuroMax XP8500E has low oil shut – off system that protects engine with an early warning light before automatically shutting down.
  • Idle Control Switch for maintaining the RPM level. When the control switch is turned on, it automatically lowers the level of RPM to an idle state when power generation is not in use. When the power is needed and a higher RPM level is required the system will automatically engage and respond to the required load. This not only reduces the noise level but it also improves the generator’s fuel efficiency level.

Best Portable Generators for Home Use – DuroMax XP8500E cONCLUSION

The reason why DuroMax XP8500E is a bit expensive than its other counterparts is because of the quality of this product. But for around $799.99, this is certainly worth the investment. Additional accessories include oversized 10.5 inches all-terrain no flat pneumatic tires, electric starter and battery, spark plug wrench, and flip up stow away padded handle bars. Best price at AMA


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