DuroMax XP10000e Portable Generator Review


DuroMax XP10000e Portable Generator Review

duromax xp10000 portable generator

I looked at a lot of generators both on-line and in the stores before settling on the DuroMax XP10000e model.

Being in the construction business I knew what I wanted… a powerful generator for running multiple tools at the same time, and an emergency generator that could easily power-up a refrigerator, lights and fans during an emergency.

When the last hurricane passed through we went 3 days before the power was restored and the DuroMax xp 10000e worked great. It started easily, ran great and was able to easily handle the electrical requirements of our refrigerator, lights, microwave and fans without any problems at all.

When I needed a remote power source for job sites, I could run two or three extension cords to different power tools without any interruption in service. In fact the 10K watt model was usually more then what I needed for work, but I liked having the extra power for running appliances at my house if I needed it.

The electric start is another plus for this model. As long as the battery is not dead starting the motor is as easy as turning a key. But don’t worry, if the battery is dead there’s a one-pull coiled cord you can use to start the engine as well. The motor runs extremely smooth and is quieter then I thought it would be.

Most generators this size are really noisy, but the folks at DuroMax have put together a super efficient exhaust system that puts out less decibels then the other generators I looked at. Alternatives for a quieter operation include an insulated generator housing or a customized automobile muffler installation for the more resourceful do-it-yourselfer.

You can find video tutorials for both options on this site. The DuroMax XP10000e is EPA approved and is fine for overnight camping in state and national parks with its spark arrestor technology and quiet running exhaust system.

NOTE: If you’re a California resident you are required to use a CARB compliant generator. This unit is not CARB compliant – be sure to select the CARB compliant version before purchasing.

The DuroMax xp 10000e features pneumatic tires for easy rolling in rough or soft terrain, 4 individual motor mounts that help to reduce noise and vibration, and a sturdy solid steel frame with a folding, stow-away handle for easy moving from spot to spot. Additionally, you can expect ten hours of run time at 50% max from one tank of gas (8.3 gallons).

The unit comes with a built-in low oil protection alert which will automatically shut down the generator so it will not be damaged from low oil – an important feature due to the fact that generators are often needed to run for long hours, making a manual check for oil not always realistic. Whether you plan on using it for your RV, running electrical tools or to keep your family safe during emergencies the DuroMax 10K is an excellent portable generator.

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Product Details For The DuroMax XP 10000e Portable Generator

10,000 watt maximum surge with 8,000 watt continuous non-stop operation
Low oil indicator system automatically shuts motor down
EPA approved with quiet exhaust and spark arrestor
EPA approved with quiet exhaust and spark arrestor
Large gas tank with 8.3 gallon capacity
10 hours of running at 50% max output on a single tank of gas

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duromax side view

This is a large portable generator and is quite heavy weighing approximately 150 lbs with a full tank of gas. With its oversized tires and folding handle the unit is fairly easy to move around but will take two people to lift. It will not run most electric stoves, a dishwasher or washing machine so make sure you have calculated your energy requirements before buying.

Also, keep in mind that this generator comes equipped with a “wheel kit” so you’ll have to assemble this yourself after delivery. Having said that, 10,000 watts is more then enough for most peoples needs and is the most powerful generator in the list of generators I recommend.

The DuroMax xp 10000e has an impressive power panel with a powerful twist-lock 30 amp outlet, two standard 120 volt household outlets, a 12 volt DC outlet with wire leads for charging car batteries and more. With it’s rugged RV switch and voltage selector you can maximize the output for any of the receptacles either simultaneously or individually.

Another important feature is the voltage meter and battery charge indicator display that lets you know when the starting battery is fully charged as well as the generator’s output from each receptacle. The circuit breaker is a robust 33 amps making surges or overloads never a concern.

Here’s what one owner had to say about the Duromax XP 10000e:

“We purchased this last summer after experiencing an ice storm in New England the winter before. The shipping and packaging were all outstanding. This generator is a beast, make no bones about it. It’s heavy and a little awkward to remove from its shipping crate and assemble but it’s well worth it. I installed a transfer switch and this generator works like a charm. It wont run everything in the house at the same time, but by using it where I need it we’ve been very comfortable in our lake home whenever the power goes out. Very pleased!”

G Perry

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duromax angle display
“The Duromax XP 10000e is currently available on Amazon at over 15% off retail price with free shipping!”

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