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The Duromax brand offers customers portable generators. Across the industry, they are known for producing generators that are durable, reliable and defined by quality. At the same time, they offer customers good value by offering them standard features on their generators, yet without any additional costs that are typical of brands that are more expensive. Duromax generators also have a reputation for being environmentally friendly, which is why they are able to satisfy even California’s stricter restrictions for emissions. These generators are good for all things from running just some essential tools or appliances to powering an emergency household backup.

Choosing The Right Generator

The most important thing that people have to keep in mind is choosing the right generator for their needs. They can determine which Duromax generator is right for what they want by remembering the following factors. A generator can get noisy, so a buyer should consider whether he or his family can put up with that noise. Next, how much power will be needed should be figured out right from the beginning. Typically, it is advised that you should actually use only a fraction of the rated wattage that is displayed on the unit. Fuel is a requirement of running a generator, so you should also think of how much fuel you will have to purchase to run your new it.

The Duromax generator product line offers several choices that are quite capable of serving your power needs. The following generators are the most popular in Duromax’s product line: the XP1000e, the XP8500e, the XP6500e, the XP4400, the XP4400e and the Elite Series (MX4500e and MX1500).

The XP1000e is a powerhouse of a generator that ensures that a home’s fundamental appliances continue running without any interruptions. Just as easily as it can serve as backup power for the home, the XP1000e can also provide power for the jobsite, keeping everything from drills to saws running smoothly. This generator is rugged because of its construction. Its frame is built out of heavy-duty steel, yet it still operates quietly due to its four completely isolated vibration dampening motor mounts. It also features a long running time of 10 hours on a single tank of gas, courtesy of its 8.3 gallon fuel capacity. It weighs 265 pounds and sells for under $1100.

The Duromax XP8500e has a 16 Hp engine that is air-cooled and features an electric start and recoil. Like the XP1000e, it, too, is equipped with completely isolated motor mounts that guarantee a quiet and smooth operation. A heavy-duty steel frame ensures that the XP8500e will last the test of time, and a full power panel means that you can monitor its battery condition and oil warning lights. If you need to transport this generator anywhere, you can use the included wheel and handle kit to take it where you want. To save fuel, the XP8500e features an idle control (auto throttle) switch. When activated, this switch automatically reduces the machine’s RPMs to idle when power is not being consumed. It weighs 249 pounds and sells for less than $900.

The XP6500e is a smaller version of portable generator by Duromax.  At 208 pounds, the XP6500e comes with 13 Hp. Its 7 gallon fuel tank provides an ample running time of 8 hours, while its low oil shut-off feature protects its engine. It produces only 72 decibels of noise thanks to its four-point, completely isolated motor mounts and its super-quiet muffler. It comes with extra big pneumatic tires that measure 10.5 inches, and it features flip-up, stowaway handles for your convenience. Some online retailers sell it for less than $900.

Economical Duromax Generator

One of the cheapest Duromax models available, the XP4400 is your basic and effective portable generator. It has 7 Hp, air cooling and its own low oil shut-off. Purchasers should be keen to note that its maximum AC output is 4400 watts, while its rated AC output is 3500 watts. Its engine is both EPA as well as CARB approved, making it an environmentally friendly machine. At 130 pounds, it is conducive to being easily transported, which you can do thanks to the included wheel kit with front handle. It costs less than $400.

The XP4400e (electric start) generator is one of the most well-rounded in the Duromax generators product line. Featuring a 7Hp engine that can take great wattage loads easily, this machine is versatile in its functionality. You can use it at home as a standby power unit, take it with you for a weekend getaway with the RV or just park it at your jobsite. Its electric start feature means it is as simple as turning on your own car. It weighs 135 pounds and sells for under $490.

Elite Series

The Elite Series consists of the MX4500e and the MX1500. The MX4500e has the same electric start feature as the aforementioned XP4400e. It comes with a heavy-duty steel frame and a super-quiet muffler for noise reduction. With 7 Hp, it is still powerful enough to tackle many jobs, and its four-stroke motor starts and runs easily. At 137 pounds and a price of less than $500, it does what you ask of it. The MX 1500 is the cheapest among all of the Duromax generators. At only $225, it still provides 3Hp, which makes it good for smaller backup power situations. This smaller model is ideal for things like outdoor parties, sporting events, powering smaller tools and camping. It weighs only 63 pounds.

Duromax generators are capable of handling tough jobs as well as smaller power backup situations. Their portable generators are meant for rugged use, like being a power source in emergencies, as well as for lighter use, such as for camping trips. With environmentally friendly features, this product line also meets the very strict standards of states like California. Whether your intention is to use your Duromax as a power source in the home or the jobsite, it will perform to your satisfaction.


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