DuroMax Elite MX4500E Portable Generator


The DuroMax Elite MX4500E gas-powered generator is an excellent generator for anybody seeking a backup power source or reliable electricity for outdoor activities (such as camping). The durable unit is perfect for use in a wide variety of applications and settings. The MX4500E is greatly appreciated in noisy workplace sites, where power tools and machinery often cause the sound to climb to high levels – operating at under 70 decibels. Another important use of this unit is for emergency situations, such as power outages (due to floods, storms or hurricanes). The DuroMax MX4500E is non-CARB compliant (can’t be used in California) but is EPA approved and also safe for using in U.S. National Parks.

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The DuroMax MX4500E features a 7 horsepower air-cooled engine which delivers 3,500 watts of power (peaking at 4,500 watts). The unit features both an easy electric start and a standard single-pull recoil start (if the battery is not completely charged). The conveniently located power panel provides you with two standard three-pronged power outlets (120 volts and 20 amps). The MX4500E also features a strong 120/240 volt, 30 amp “twist lock” (NEMA certified) outlet useful for operating your high-powered tools. In addition, a newly added feature to this particular model is the “Automatic Idle Control”. With this feature, the engine rpm is maintained with varying loads – thus increasing the fuel efficiency and lowering noise output. The power panel features all the main controls of the generator: the RV switch, the keyed electric start, the engine shutoff switch, the voltage meter, and the circuit breaker. The “DuroMax RV Switch” provides you with maximum power at each (120 volt) receptacle. And with the MX4500E you won’t experience an engine burnout from low oil, thanks to the “low oil” shutoff sensor.

The steel frame roll cage of the DuroMax MX4500E features four-point motor mounts that effectively absorb the force which is often responsible for loud noise with many generators. The MX4500E generator is a very portable unit that features both a wheel kit and stow-away handle. The rigid tires of this unit provide excellent mobility on a variety of surfaces. The MX4500E also features a 4 gallon fuel tank which is able to provide you with 8 hours of continuous power at 50 percent power.

Click Here For Price And User Reviews Of This Portable Generator


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