DuroMax Electric Generators Powered By Natural Gas


Whether searching electric generators powered by natural gas to serve as an alternate energy supply, or looking for a portable generator to take on camping or hiking trips, remember the name DuroMax Elite MX4500E Gas Powered Portable Generator. For the size and price it gives the best return on every dollar spent. It excels in pricing being far cheaper than similarly made portable generators.

Breaking Down the Elite DuroMax

Its “elite” status recognizes the improvements in this electric generator powered by natural gas. Take the automatic idle control as a fitting example. In the DuroMax Elite MX4500E gas powered portable generator, this new feature enhances fuel efficiency by allowing the engine to maintain its RPM more smoothly. That comes in handy with the 4500 Watts of power.

Not only does it run more smoothly, it also runs much more quietly which is a benefit whether it is being used at home or in a park setting. The EPA has approved the generator for use in US National Forest areas. Lessening noise pollution is part of leaving a smaller carbon footprint which helps the hiking areas flourish throughout America.

Installed with low oil shut-off prevents the motor from burning out. Keeping the motor lubricated is of obvious importance when preparing for the regular use of a generator. Although a little bigger in size DuroMax electric generator powered by natural gas are still extremely portable. Weighing in at 146 pounds, the MX4500E comes equipped with flip-up stow away handles. The tires will never go flat which means no worries about being stuck in the mud.

Running time on its 4 gallon gas tank is 8 hours at a fifty percent load. The 7.0 horsepower provides plenty of energy. All-in-all this generator succeeds at fitting the needs of the homeowner or the outdoorsmen. Most appreciated during severe weather which can easily disrupt normal utility service, the DuroMax Elite MX4500E generator will fill the void with tremendous power and energy.

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