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The Ducane gas grills name has been given the reputation of quality dependable bbq grills for over 30 years since its inception.

Today, Ducane is a subsidiary of Weber-Stephen Co. and it still carries that core philosophy along with excellent customer support from the leader in the outdoor gas grills making industry.

Weber has narrowed down the lines of Ducane bbq models to Ducane Affinity 4100 and 3100 propane and natural gas series.

The whole purpose of doing so is to reduce the price for manufacturing Ducane grills. The company have always been pushing the boundaries for competitively priced quality products, highly efficient features and great performance, making it one of the most sought after grills used by many chefs and amongst home barbeque lovers.

Ducane usually gets positive reviews from satisfied customers who bought one of their high end grills. So most of the brand’s success has been accounted to word of mouth marketing.

Ducane Affinity Gas Grill Features

Powerful burners: that give out highly efficient BTU scores compared to other lower end models from Char-broil or Brinkmann barbecue grills in the range.

Full feature gas grill: the built-in electric ignition system makes lighting up the fire quick and easy. While temperature gauge provides accurate monitoring of your cooking process. It also has warming rack and enclosed cart with doors for storing bbq accessories and utensils.

Compact footprint: that provides large cooking surface area for its relatively small size.

Rotisserie and smoker attachments: come with top of the line Ducane outdoor grills which enable you to cook in diversity of styles, like roasting lamb kebab, salmon sandwiches or even making mouth watering grilled turkeys.

Readily available parts: event though many of the older lines have been discontinued, Weber still makes Ducane gas grill parts available to its loyal owners.

Efficient & attractive design: that comes in both black and elegant stainless steel finishes.

Excellent customer support: backed up by Weber’s reputation.


Overall, Ducane grills are high quality products that sell at relatively low prices. If you are looking for a long lasting model with well balanced features and quality, then one of Ducane Affinity grills will definitely make a very good investment for your backyard barbecue grilling needs.

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