Getting Rid Of The Drugs In Water With Home Water Filters


The “drugs in water” are now garnering a lot of national attention. Unfortunately, this issue is not about sick people getting better after taking prescription medication with a glass of water.

Rather, this is about a worrisome development – the fact that the millions of pounds of pharmaceutical drugs are getting into our waterways and water supplies.

Hospitals, animal farms and households all share a role in how drugs end up in our tap water.

Frankly for years, pharmaceutical medication were seeping into our water supply without much national hoopla.

However, an investigation by the Associated Press (AP) on the the pharmaceutical drugs in drinking water really got people’s ears perked up.

The AP investigation found a wide range of pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, pain killers and sex hormone in the water supply that serves 41 million Americans.

Health Risks

What risks do drugs in water pose to humans? Well it appears that the scientific community is split on this issue.

Some scientists believe that pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply poses no risk to humans because these drugs are present only in low concentrations.

Other scientists believe that whilst the long term effects of drugs in drinking water is unknown, caution is still advised.

There are some scientists who believe the drugs in water supplies are particularly worrisome. For example, they point to the fact that the presence of antibiotics in water could cause disease-causing bacteria to become immune to them. This would be bad news for patients taking antibiotics.

Then there is the effect the drugs in water would have on aquatic life. For example, sex hormones could adversely affect the reproductive system of the fish and since many people eat fish, the effects on humans could be similar.

There are a host of other potential health risk that could emerge as a result of drugs in drinking water, such as birth defects, cancer and learning disabilities.
Home Water Treatment

Municipal water treatment is incapable of filtering out all the drugs in tap water. Water authorities do what they can, but invariably, some of the drugs still gets into our drinking water.

If you’d like to reduce the health risk that these drugs could cause your family why not get get some added insurance – namely a home water filter.

This under counter water filter and countertop water filter are both capable of removing a wide range of chemical contaminants and drugs from your tap water.

So when you turn on your tap – you can be assured that what you are getting is the cleanest, safest drinking water possible.

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