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Home drinking water treatment devices has become an essential appliance in today’s environment. Despite municipal water purification, chemical and microbiological contaminants are possibly affecting your tap water at this very moment.

You only have to search the internet for “Drugs In Drinking Water” or “Rocket Fuel In Tap Water,” and read the results.

It is frightening when you realize how harmful those contaminants can be if they are consumed over time.

The solution to this problem is to get a home water filter to remove the most troublesome of contaminants.

But this can be a daunting task. For one thing there are so many home drinking water treatment devices on the market.

Secondly, to know which devices area capable of removing the contaminants that trouble your tap water is not easy.

So before you go out and purchase just any old filter, familiarize yourself with the following home water treatment devices and you will be in a good position to make an informed decision.

1. There are two major categories of water treatment systems – point of entry (POE) and point of use (POU).

POE systems or whole house systems are usually installed after the water meter. Typically these can run you into the several hundreds of dollars and even more. These systems are capable of sending treated water to every tap in your house.

POU drinking water treatment systems usually treat water after it has passed through your plumbing. The treated water is then delivered to a single faucet. Popular examples of this type of device are under sink water filters, shower head water filters and pitcher water filters.

Even though POE systems are often the sole water treatment system in a home, some consumers use both POE and POU systems.Tap water can be re-contaminated after it has been filtered by the POE system, as it passes through you rusty plumbing.Therefore, a POU system is used to filter the water at the tap, just before you drink it, in order to ensure the cleanest water possible.

Home water treatment devices can also be categorized according to their technology:

a. Filtration Treatment Systems Uses an adsorbent medium to achieve removal of sediment, dissolved matter, liquid and gases from drinking water. Carbon filters fall in this category. These filters are the most popular home water treatment devices on the market even though they are not very effective at removing pathogens.

b. Water softeners. These devices use a cation exchange resin to remove water hardness

c. Distillers. Separates contaminants from drinking water based on their respective boiling points. Excellent for removing microbiological contaminants.

Not very effective in removing volatile organic chemicals since some of these contaminants have lower boiling points and may be carried over with the water vapor.

d. Reverse Osmosis. A process that reverses, by the application of pressure, the flow of water in a natural process of osmosis so that water passes from a more concentrated solution to a more dilute solution through a semi-permeable membrane.

The membrane is able to separate from water, inorganic contaminants and minerals that have a larger molecular size than water. However, since many synthetic chemicals are molecularly smaller then water, these are not removed.

e. Ultra violet disinfection: Uses ultra violet light to sterilize the DNA of pathogens.

Two more things to bear in mind before you purchase a water filtration unit.

One is that all of these devices needs to be maintained to give optimal service. For examples, cartridges have to be replaced. Therefore remember to follow the service manual as close as possible.

Secondly, the best water treatment devices are have a NSF rating or is certified by a reputable independent lab. This ensures that water treatment device devices meet the design, material, and performance requirements of national standards.

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