Drinking Salt Water


Facts about Dangers, Cleanse Effects, Density & Boiling Point

Is drinking salt water safe? The answer to this question is: it depends.


Many of those reading this article may be scratching their heads saying: “What! It is never safe to drink salt water and why would anyone drink salty water in the first place!”

There are, however, many people who ingest sea salt water for various reasons which we will look at in a moment. Generally speaking, though, ingesting large amounts of water that contain sodium is dangerous and should be avoided.

Facts on Drinking Salt Water

Most people already know that humans need water and need salt in order to remain healthy. Both of these elements are needed in order for the body to function properly. Loss of either one can lead to serious issues, including death.

  • The human body can survive a month or longer without food, but it can only survive a week or so without water. Salt (sodium) is needed in order for cells to thrive and operate. Without sodium, cells will die.
  • The density of salt water is higher than fresh water. This is why it is easier to float in the ocean than in a fresh water pool.
  • The boiling point of salt water is higher than fresh water. It is a myth that adding sodium to water will cause it to boil faster. In fact, it will take longer to come to a boil when compared to fresh water. The actual boiling temperature will vary depending on how much sodium is added.
  • It is also a myth that boiling salt water will make it safe to drink. This is simply not true. It is true that salt and boiling water will kill harmful organisms which can cause illnesses, but if the water contains very high levels of sodium it can be harmful if ingested in large, repeated quantities.

Dangers of Drinking Salt Water

Water found in the ocean contains a variety of salts, none of which are good for you. Sea water is often at least three times more salty than human blood. This makes this type of water useless in terms of metabolizing within the body, and will, in fact cause the body to release whatever good water it does have within the cells into the blood stream.

What it feels like consuming salty water?

This sudden release of water into the blood stream can cause dehydration, seizures, brain damage and death. As you can see, drinking salt water can be very dangerous.

Who Should Consume Salt Water?

Some people will drink water that is loaded with sea salt as a way to cleanse their colons. Ingesting this type of water induces diarrhea which the user believes will clean out the colon. It should be noted that these individuals ONLY use sea salt and not Epsom salt in the preparation of this liquid.

Those interested in performing this type of procedure should spend considerable time researching the subject carefully before attempting it.

Most people should not drink salt water unless directed to do so by a health professional. There are verifiable dangers to drinking salt water, some of which can be deadly.


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