Double Helix Wind Turbine – How It Works


Wind turbines have provided a renewable source of energy for centuries now, though its output has often varied vastly. While its first uses saw it pushing along boats, then grinding grain, we utilize it today to create electricity. The kinetic energy creates when the wind blows the blades around is converted into electricity that can then be used to power homes and other locations requiring electricity. As time has gone by, we’ve developed more and more sophisticated wind turbines that utilize different designs to provide varying advantages and disadvantages and are suited to different situations. The double helix wind turbine is one such design.

How Does It Work?

Due to the unique design of the double helix wind turbine, it catches the wind from all directions, as opposed to just a few. It feeds this wind through the turbine and pushes it around. Typically, a turbine is created for several uses. A home turbine will be connected to the household and electricity grid. This means that you utilize the normal electricity under circumstances when the wind turbine cannot provide enough electricity for everything, but in cases where it’s providing more than enough, you can reverse your electricity meter, meaning you’re reducing your bill.

The Benefits

Generally, it’s an inexpensive design and it exceptionally reliable, meaning these two aspects save a lot of money in the long run, so mass production is somewhat of a more approachable task. Additionally, it has a lower profile as opposed to the larger, bladed turbines. These benefits combined with the simple nature of the turbine means it’s a good choice for low-wind scenarios, where it can catch wind from all directions. As it doesn’t require high wind, the double helix wind turbine can function with only 10mph winds and can begin generating electricity at such speeds to power your home or business.

double helix wind turbine to wind turbine for home electricity

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