Doorway Pull Up bar Benefits


Most of us judge the effectiveness of any workout after checking the challenge and level of difficulty involved in it. Here, we ignore one basic thing. Not every tough or complex exercise is beneficial for us. So, it is highly suggested performing simple workouts especially if your main goal is just to remain physically fit. You may perform cardio workouts like walking, running, jogging, cycling etc. as they do not require any specific exercise equipment. Pull ups are also good for our upper body and the good thing is that they are simple and easy to perform. You just need a pull up bar for performing pull ups. A pull up bar costs just a few dollars.

Health And Fitness Benefits of Using Doorway Pull Up Bar?

Majority of the people underestimate the effectiveness of pull ups, thinking that it is a less effective exercise that offer minimum benefits when the reality is opposite to it. Pull ups are simple form of workouts that neither require difficult posture nor any complex and expensive exercise equipment. In this, exercise, the body uses its own weight as a resistance. Following are a few health and fitness benefits of using doorway pull up bar.

Increases Physical Endurance

Body stamina gets built with the passage of time. Pull up bar allows you to increase your stamina or physical endurance within minimum time. This exercise tough looks simple yet it is somewhat tough as it applies a lot of pressure on our upper body. If you want to increase your stamina and get maximum output from pull ups then you may attach extra weights to your wrist, waist or feet while performing pull ups.

Melts Extra Fat

The most important benefits of using pull up bars about which most of the people are unaware is that it melts extra fat from the upper body. So, if you are obese or you want to achieve an ideal body then you must perform this exercise regularly as it will melt extra fat from shoulders, chest, arms, biceps and triceps.

Helps in Building Muscles

Men usually like to have a six pack body as it is a symbol of sexuality and good health. Achieving a six pack body is very difficult especially if you are obese as you have to lose extra weight. It is because you cannot build muscles without getting rid of extra fat. The good thing about pull up bar is that it is quite helpful in building and strengthening muscles. You can try various positions and different workouts on pull up bar.

Great Toning Workout

Melting extra fat or performing complex workouts is useless if you do not perform toning workout as it is the toning exercise that adds shape to your body and make it look hot as well as physical fit. Pull ups acts as a great toning workout as it tones our upper body.

Increases Grip

Athletes, sportsmen and bodybuilders are aware of the importance of having grip strength. If you want to achieve grip strength then nothing is better than pull ups as it increases your grip as you have to hang and support your body just with the help of both your hands.

Strength Training

If you are doing strength training workouts then do not forget to add pull ups in your routine as it increases strength.

Good For Backbone

Pull ups also support our backbone as it strengthens our back muscles.

These are just a few benefits offered by pull up bars. Here, it is important to mention that you can enjoy all these and many more benefits only if you perform pull ups regularly. So, make a habit of doing pull ups for at least 20 minutes every day.


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