Dome Security Camera


What is a dome security camera?  

Everyone has seen dome cameras in businesses and grocery stores. While they may not be considered the most popular type of camera available, they are very clearly one of the most interesting, and a great security addition to your business – especially if theft is a common security threat.

As implied by the name, Dome cameras have a dome shape. They are most often black, and usually do not appear to be cameras at first glance.

Benefits of the Dome Camera Design

There are actually two major benefits to the dome camera:

·        No one can see where the camera is pointing.

·        Everyone can see that there is a dome camera there.

Dome cameras are very easy to see. Often jet black, the dome camera can easily catch the eye of someone searching a store for some form of security. They are somewhat large, noticeable even in dim light, and are the only large, dome shaped item that will ever be found on the top of a ceiling.

This obviously has some great advantages. Dome cameras allow intruders to easily see that there is a security camera available – they are almost always kept in plain view in the middle of a store or building. This, alone, will help reduce theft, as it serves as an obvious deterrent for potential robbers.

Yet it also has the additional benefit of being difficult to avoid. With these dome cameras, the camera itself is nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. No one can tell which direction the camera is pointing in order to try to keep from being seen.

One of the problems with bullet and c-mount cameras is that if you can see which direction the camera is pointing, you can avoid the view of the camera and, ultimately, avoid getting caught on film. But with dome cameras, without inside information there is no way to tell which direction the dome is pointing, so you cannot avoid it. Should someone want to steal from a store with a dome camera in the center, they would have to simply be hoping that the camera is not pointing at them at the time.

Disadvantages of Dome Cameras

Due to their size, and the plastic that often covers the dome, great detail with dome cameras can be difficult. Dome cameras do come with several large millimeter lens sizes – often ranging to as high as 22 mm, but seeing detail in great distances is not as easy as with other cameras. These cameras are also much less useful outdoors, and may not be a good deterrent to those that do not recognize its purpose.

Still dome cameras continue to act as a great security tool for businesses – especially businesses that receive a high amount of traffic. Grocery stores, retail outlets, and often several IT companies use dome cameras to keep an eye on the surroundings, let those in the building know that they are being watched, and deter anyone from breaking any rules within the building.


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