Revitol Scar Cream FAQ – Does it work?


Recently, we have noticed many people posting in various beauty forums – does Revitol Scar Cream work? Since this is what people are interested in it’s in our best interest to give people the answers they seek. Therefore here is a dedicated post on trying to answer
this question so that you don’t need to spend hours scouring the internet searching for the answer yourself. Hopefully by the time you
finish reading this you will not only have the answer to your question but also be equipped with the knowledge to help you decide whether Revitol Scar Cream is worth getting or not.

Here we go…

First a short intro – what is it and how does it remove scars?

For starters, this cream is created by Revitol, a health and beauty company specializing in producing effective skin care products since 2002.  According to the manufacturer the cream works by promoting and speeding up your skin’s healing process and promote new skin growth.  They claim it is a well tested formula of natural ingredients that contain proteins and vitamins. The result is basically skin
rejuvenation. This new skin will slough of any scar tissue that has formed thereby reducing and in some cases totally removing the appearance of scars. This is case regardless of how long the scar has already been there be it days or years.

Q #1: Does Revitol Scar Cream Work on Pimple Scars?

Short Answer: Yes.

Longer Answer: Pimples are annoying when they’re all read and swollen.  It would have been fine if they just disappear without a trace once they’re done doing their worst on your face, but that’s not the case.  Once the inflammation is down, you’re left it a face marked with scars that are just unattractive, unsightly, and painful to look at. Makeup only hides the scars to a certain extent, and most creams only cause breakouts resulting to even more scars. Surgery is complicated, risky, and expensive, which is why very rare are people who undergo such a heavy solution.

This is one of the primary usages of it since it is on your face and there are no irritations or problems with application since again it is made up of only natural ingredients. The company of course states that it is highly effective in removing acne scars but more importantly this statement is supported by real users of the product as well. During my research I found many comments like this one by real people:


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