Does A Low Speed Wind Turbine Produce Enough Power


In the search of alternative source of energy, technologists have found out the usability of a low speed wind turbine for the common people.

This instrument for energy can safely be used in urban homes where the wind does not blow at high speed due to several kinds of obstructions. This kind of wind turbine can function at a slow wind speed of even 2 mph.

Manufacturers are trying to bring out wind turbines with attractive designs as well as within affordable rates so that more and more people can buy the product for converting wind force to electricity. Manufacturers hope to utilize the power of small winds sp they can contribute electricity and meet the requirements for power of every home.

This has been made possible by technical innovations and little adjustments in the old technology of windmills with the removal of the gear box. Instead, the wind helps in rotating the magnets to produce electricity. This is known as the direct drive method to create power. The exclusion of the gearbox from the center has also benefited the consumer to get a lower price on this kind of low speed wind turbine. This is the crux of the technology used in slow wind power turbines.

This slow wind turbine is suitable to be installed on top of your house or any where. This can be an efficient way to obtain clean power with green technology. More and more people are attracted to this alternative source of energy for lighting their homes with low wind turbines. Federal authorities are also backing up this wind system with good incentives for people to buy and use these turbines.

The fact that the US has major installations of wind energy, the most in the world and has produced over 8000 mgw of this kind of energy in the last year alone shows that wind energies time has come.

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