Do You Need A Natural Gas Generator?


Do you live in an area that is often hit by violent thunder storms? How about high winds? Does the electricity in your home or business go out on a regular basis? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you might think about investing in a natural gas generator.

Natural gas generators provide backup power to homes and businesses. That way, if your power does go out, you simply have to fire up your natural gas generator to operate your most important appliances, such as your refrigerator and freezer or your furnace.

Having a natural gas generator is especially important in the colder parts of the country. What happens if your power goes out for an extended period of time in the winter? You’ll have to bundle up in blankets and sweaters as the temperature in your home plummets.

If the power is out for an especially long period of time in the colder months, you may even have to rent a hotel room for a day or two, or stay at the home of a relative or friend. But if you have a natural gas generator on hand, you’ll have enough backup power to keep your furnace working, and the heat coming.

When purchasing a gas generator, you have the choice to buy gasoline-powered generators or natural-gas-powered ones. Natural gas generators, though, make the most financial sense; they generally cost from 40 to 50 percent less an hour to run than do their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Another benefit is that natural gas generators don’t require homeowners or business owners to store fuel at their homes. Instead, the gas is pumped into your home or business in the same line that delivers gas to your furnace, water heater and other gas-fueled appliances.

This benefit is especially important to people with young children. Children have a way of getting into dangerous chemicals. You don’t want them getting into stored gasoline.

So next time you hear reports of a fierce thunder storm heading your way, consider heading off to your local hardware or home-improvement store. It might be time to purchase that natural gas generator to help you and your family ride out the storm.


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