Do You Go To The Gym When You Are Sick?


Should You Still Go To The Gym?

I’m really sorry that if you are sick while reading this, I hope you will get recover soon! And for those who aren’t sick, continue on reading this, because it doesn’t hurt to gain some knowledge, am I right? This is all depends on what kind of sick or infection you are having, fever? a little cough? sore throat? or sick of your life? Well, I hope it’s not that.

Listen Not Just To Your Body

If you can walk, that means yes you can still go to the Gym, but try to think about this, would you like to see a sick person at the gym walking around sneezing, coughing and all that? Probably not, you will find that is disgusting and is not appropriate at all. It’s like you are trying to spread your germs around the Gym hoping others will get sick too, and people will hate you for that. So, don’t be that guy, ok?

If you are sick, especially if you are having a fever, it is better to just stay off the Gym.. Stay at home and take the time to get your self recovered instead. You will only worsen your situation if you go to the Gym while you are sick, trust me, I have done that before, and regretted about it. You will not have a great workout/exercise when you are sick, then why don’t you just save the energy for your body to recover quicker? You will feel much stronger once you are fully recovered. Take a few days off, try to eat as much foods as you can, because your body burns a lot more calories when your body temperature higher than normal.


No matter how determine you are right now to go to the Gym, you should think for your self, for your body, for the healthy people at the Gym, don’t risk getting other people sick, ok? So, do not go to the Gym if you having flu, cough, or both. Stay at home, take a tylenol, eat some chicken noodle soup, listen to some classical music, get some rest, eat some foods, and keep telling your self that you are going to destroy the Gym once you are fully recovered! And no, you don’t want to spread your naughty germs around the Gym.

Hey buddy, I hope you will get recover real soon, alright? Go to the doctor if it stays that bad. So, until then, all the best in fighting with your germs!


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