Do I need an outdoor surveillance camera?


Do I need an outdoor surveillance camera?  

Whether to use outdoor security cameras can be an interesting dilemma. Outdoor cameras are often in plain view of those that may consider trespassing on your property, and can make recordings of unwanted individuals as they scope, come towards, and leave your home without requiring that they break in first in order to catch them on film.

Many people have their doubts about how well outdoor security cameras can work for them. Years ago, many of these cameras had issues that made them less effective for outdoor monitoring. But over time these cameras have evolved, and now represent a valuable security option for keeping yourself and your belongings safe.

Benefits of an Outdoor Security Camera

·        You can monitor suspicious behavior before they enter your property.

·        You can record car types, car license plates, and other identifiable items.

·        They can record at night in low or no lighting so that you can see what is going on outside at all times of day.

·        You can show possible intruders that you take your security seriously, and that they are beign watched.

·        You can monitor a larger area without objects blocking the view of the camera.

·        You can be notified when someone is coming towards you so you can take the proper precautions.

Weaknesses of an Outdoor Security Camera

·        They may notify potential intruders that you have something valuable you are trying to protect.

·        They are easily noticeable so they can be avoided by potential thieves.

·        They are difficult to wire to your house, and can be an eyesore.

·        There are privacy concerns and legal issues that you may have to address.

Tips for Outdoor Security Camera Users

One of the main concerns about outdoor cameras is that suspicious people in the area may try to vandalize or knock down the camera in order to break into your home. But this risk is no longer of great concern as many cameras are now equipped with hard case monitoring that can easily withstand even a hammer blow. In addition, getting close enough to break the camera will give you the opportunity to catch the individual on film.

Harsh weather has always been a common concern, but this too has been addressed with many bullet style cameras, which have cases to protect against harsh weather. There is still the risk of electrical surge or outage, as well as tampering with the camera through the use of spray paint or laser pointers, but most of these cameras can withstand these damaging factors and still record a crystal clear image.

Also, should you worry that your camera may be knocked down, or that you will be unable to catch people in the act of performing illegal actions due to its visibility, you can always hide the camera in plants, boxes, birdfeeders, and anything else with a visible hole that will still allow you to record at your leisure. Once again, however, be sure that you are not breaking any local surveillance recording laws with these hidden cameras.


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