Dinair, Luminess Air, and Temptu Compared


Airbrush makeup is becoming more popular these days. What began largely as a new way of applying cosmetics to a large group of people as quickly as possible (it was first used on the set of Ben Hur to apply makeup to the cast) has now crossed over to everyday use.

Airbrush makeup allows liquid cosmetics to be evenly sprayed over the face in micro particles; the cosmetic flows through a special device that turns it into a fine mist which is then propelled to the skin using pressurized air. Not only does this cover a wide surface area in a short amount of time, but the makeup is evenly distributed and blends appropriately with the skin in a manner that is difficult if not impossible to do with the old-fashioned powder application.

Currently, there are three brands of airbrush makeup that take the lion’s share of the market due to their outstanding features, price, and overall quality. We take a look at them one at a time and examine the distinct features in each brand that are not present in the other two. Let’s begin, shall we?

Home is where the makeup is: Dinair


Dinair is the best choice among the three if you’re planning on buying an airbrush makeup kit for personal use only. The personal kit sells at about $200, but they also have a professional kit at $250 and a studio edition close to $300 if you happen to run a salon. Those on a tight budget will be glad to know that Dinair offers easy payment plans and special discount packages for one-time payments that can save you money. This brand also has the smallest compressor out of the three products, which is advantageous in terms of storage as you won’t need a lot of space in your cabinet in order to keep the kit.

Dinair is the brand that offers the most value in terms of price; it is the cheapest in the bunch but still delivers more or less the same quality. The airbrush effect is truly outstanding considering the amount. Dinair is one of the easiest to use, and the best option for your daily makeup applications.

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Over hyped?: Temptu


On the other hand, Temptu is touted to be the best for salon owners and makeup artists who want to deliver the best results possible. The best point about Temptu is its Silicon-based makeup. Which is apparently more effective than the water-based makeup that Dinair and Luminess Air use. They say that due to the special properties that allow it to completely blend in with the natural skin tone – I haven’t really seen a difference to be totally honest though.

A downside of Temptu is that its silicon-based makeup is more costly than the others. Fortunately, it also offers makeup kits for personal use that is cheaper and easier to apply, as well as water-based alternatives.

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Something for everyone: Luminess Air

Finally, Luminess Air is basically a good balance between Dinair and Temptu. Its outstanding features are the airbrush device and the makeup range it offers. Luminess has a more effective airbrush than the other two due to the gradient markings along the trigger that tell you how far to pull back to get the desired makeup results. Luminess Air also has kits for home and professional use just like the others, and they are effective and inexpensive.

Luminess Air particularly shines in its extremely vast array of makeup choices and accessories. In addition to the kit that you purchase, you can buy extra foundations in ultra, matte, and satin forms as well as glows, concealers, tanning systems, complexion enhancers, powders, lipstick accessories, a wide range of eyeliners and eyelash growth conditioners, bronzers, primers, highlights, and a whole lot more. Buy this brand if you are experienced enough in applying makeup and want to select from a wide range of foundation and cosmetic choices. Luminess Air certainly has more than enough to meet your specific needs.

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Comparison Table

Here are the three makeup kits and a summary of their strengths:

DinairTemptuLuminess Air
Range of makeup choices and accesories
SystemsPersonal Kit: $159.75 (one time payment)

Personal Pro: $199.70 (one time payment)

Deluxe Kit: $259 (one time payment)
6-piece Starter Kit: $229.75 (5-installments)

9-piece Pro Kit: $279.75 (5-installments)

(Only the water-based foundation is included with the kits. Silicone-based foundation sold separately)
Luminess Air Kit – $229.91 (5-installments)
Unique Features• Has the most value in terms of price
• Easy to setup and use
• Compact storage
• Perfect for home setting and daily makeup needs
• Silicon-based makeup formula leaves the best impression overall
• Heavy-duty compressor and airbrush that is excellent for studio, salon, and professional use
• Airbrush device has calibrated gradient to help beginners who are just starting out
• Has the widest range of airbrush makeup options as well as other cosmetic products and accessories
Detailed Review PageDinair ReviewTemptu ReviewLuminess Air Review
Recommended Place To BuyRecommended Place To Buy DinairRecommended Place To Buy TemptuRecommended Place To Buy Luminess Air


Other than the unique benefits that each system brings, all of them quality airbrush systems that will deliver good results. You may want to select the brand based on your individual preference and specific needs, but no matter what you decide on. If we had to choose one, Luminess air edges out to the front because of the features and effectiveness at a lower price than Temptu.

Happy airbrushing!

What has your experience been? We’d like to hear from other real users so feel free to comment below.


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