Dinair Airbrush Makeup Review


Most of us can easily get by with regular makeup, but airbrush makeup often gives a more polished finish and is easily applied with little effort. Compared to standard makeup that needs to be brushed on, airbrush makeup uses a mechanical atomizer that turns cosmetic liquids into a fine, misty spray which is distributed evenly on your face.

One popular airbrush makeup brand is Dinair. There are numerous pros and cons of using this particular product, and we’ll take a look at some of them below. We hope that this article will tell you more about airbrushing in general and will help you decide whether it’s for you or not. Let’s get to it.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup involves a device that uses pressurized air to disintegrate liquid cosmetics such as foundation and blush into numerous tiny droplets. The droplets are then sprayed evenly at high pressure onto your face, creating a smooth and equal distribution.

Airbrush makeup is more sanitary compared to standard makeup, as you never need to touch your face during application or use cotton balls to dab away excess cosmetics. Furthermore, with airbrushing, pores are not as evident compared to regular brushing, and a complete look can be made in less than five minutes making it efficient and cost effective.


Dinair is a line of airbrush makeup kits that contain certain advantages not present in other models like Luminess Air. Whereas all brands basically use the same mechanism to create the airbrush effect, they usually differ in the makeup formula and other special features built into the airbrush device that allow for smoother applications. Here are some of the benefits that their website promises:

• Its foundation mixture is specially formulated to be water resistant as well as paraben and silicon free.
• Users can adjust the airbrush to deliver varying levels of makeup density ranging from sheer to opaque.
• Newbie makeup artists can watching the tutorial DVDs included in the package
• The makeup is designed to be long-lasting and will stay with you throughout the day.
• The Dinair kit gives you the ability to mix and match colors by combining different hues until you get the shade you want.

Here are some comments taken from public forums and customer service reviews all over the internet which agree with this airbrush kits’ high quality:


Some common complaints of Dinair include its price although compared to many other airbrush systems out there, it is relatively cheaper.

Users also find Dinair’s range of makeup choices and accessories limited that they shift to other alternatives.

Another consumer criticism is that the exact finished look often needs more practice and time. The company has started to include DVDs that provide clear and easy to follow tutorials on how to get high-quality makeup application to combat this issue. Still, some customers prefer other effects that are not covered by the video instructions as it can’t cover everything. This usually leads to more experimentation that many feel is a waste of cosmetics and time.

Below is a sample of a common negative feedback found in most public forums and online consumer stores:

Better Alternative

Even with the disadvantages, there are users who love the Dinair makeup system. However, if you prefer something with a wider range of makeup choices and accessories, you may want to try Luminess Air instead.

Luminess Air contains a lot more features not found in Dinair. It passed thorough dermatological testing proving that it is safe for all skin types. With a large variety of shades and looks, there are plenty of choices for every skin complexion and type. Luminess Air’s edge over Dinair and other rivals is effectiveness. It lasts over 18 hours even with just a single application and you do not even have to worry about re-touching or re-application.

Although a bit more expensive than Dinair and other brands, it is recognized for its efficiency, unique features, and for having the widest range of makeup options. Extensively researched Luminess Air reviews can be found here: http://thebeautyreviewer.com/luminess-air-reviews/. The article will tell you why Luminess Air is highly favored by professional and Hollywood makeup artists and celebrities, and why it can be your next favorite must-have as well.


Airbrush makeup isn’t really a new thing, but it’s only now starting to catch on. While others still prefer the old way, airbrushing can indeed deliver superior results. To start your forays into airbrushing and get the Hollywood look, refer to the link below where you can get the best available deal.

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