Diesel Turbine Generator Model# DGS106


This diesel turbine generator model DGS106 is perfect for dealing with power failures. This multi-purpose power solution can be used anywhere for its effective portability. With enough gallons of diesel, it can deal efficiently with heating and light switch-offs.

The noise free engine is quite prudent for use in showrooms, homes or offices. With the support of a single cylinder, the four stroke engine helps in resolving most winter power woes. It has air-cooling properties too. A genset like this will ensure that you have electricity when you need it.

The rated output of 5000 is pitched at 5500 watts while running. The ten horse power engine can be used in any corner or outside in the open. The displacement is 418 cubic centimeters.

The fuel tank of this diesel turbine generator can hold about four gallons. This can help in running the engine for at least ten hours on light usage. The run time is seven hours on half load. In fact, the fuel consumption is better than competitors with the same rating and size.

The battery support is a must and is included with the genset while purchasing. The 36 X 21.25 X 29.125 dimensional equipment has four 120 volt AC receptacles. The EPA approved 3.8 Amp DC outlet of 12 volts has a locking plug of 120 volts. The genset can shutdown on low oil warning signals.

The discounts are attractive for online purchases with a delivery to your doorstep. The shipping weight is around 341 pounds and delivery is possible normally in two or three days. The immediate delivery schedule may involve extra shipping costs along with extra charges on weight too.

This silent diesel turbine generator Model DGS106 can solve your basic power problems. The ease to install this genset is feasible for any season at any time of the year.

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