Diesel Standby Home Generators


Looking for diesel standby home generators, we suggest the Duropower DP4500ERC 4500w Deluxe Commercial Generator. It has a four stroke engine designed with low oil shutoff to save the operator the trouble of having to constantly check the oil to avoid unpleasant incidents.

The long term life of a generator is very important. In order to ensure that the diesel standby home generators last as long as it possibly can, the frame of the generator must be made out of a tough material that can withstand the vibration that comes from the generator when it is running.

The Duropower DP4500ERC 4500w Deluxe Commercial Generator has been designed with this factor in mind. Its heavy duty steel frame ensures that this machine withstands any rough handling that it may be subjected to.

The operation of these diesel standby home generators is very easy due to the well labeled function power panel which includes an engine shutoff switch, volt meter, alternating current power outlets and a voltage selector. All these features make the Duropower DP4500ERC 4500w Deluxe Commercial Generator very user friendly.

The 7.5 Horse Power air cooled engine is capable of giving 16-hour run time at full rated output and 24-hour run time when operating at 50% rated output. In light of the weight, it is important to note that the generator comes with a frame fitted with rollers and detachable handles complete with a fitting instructions manual. This makes it easy to move the machine around conveniently.

Using this equipment in various settings comes easy and some areas where it can be conveniently used include remote locations, construction sites and for emergency power in house holds whenever there occurs a blackout. With the prices of gasoline hitting the roof, the new technology throttle idle control device included in this generator helps in saving fuel as well as noise reduction by up to 25%.

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