Diamond Saws


Diamond Products is a producer of some of the heaviest duty power saws on the market today. Diamond Products lineup includes professional tools such as its CC1111H-14 Mini Saw, designed to cut through heavy concrete with ease. The CC1111H-14 has an 11 HP Honda engine and a large 14″ blade capacity for the heaviest of jobs. The Honda motor is capable of driving the blade at up to 2650 RPM, and has a deep cutting depth of up to 4-5/8″.


Diamond Products also offers a heavy duty saw with its SC6514 Speedicut Jr. 14″ blade capacity and a strong 4.8 Hemi engine. The SC6514 weighs in at 22 lbs. The SC6514 also features a convenient water hose connection for cooling down the blade as it works. The SC6514 also boasts good fuel economy and an advanced exhaust design that cuts down on noise levels.

For masonry jobs, Diamond Products has the CC300M to offer. The CC300M features a 3 HP motor and a large 14″ blade capacity. The CC300M boasts an easy to change air filter for enhanced engine performance, and also comes with 2 spare air filters. A blade, however, is not included in the price of the package.

For tile cutting purposes, Diamond Products offers a 1/2 HP motor that provides 6000 RPM. The CC600T can rip cut up to 17″ and diagonal cut up to 12″. A water pump is also included with the CC600T as well as a automated thermal overload system that prevents any accidental overheating as the saw works. An easy to install and remove water tray is also included, along with a 7″ blade.

Diamond Products has a line up of some of the heaviest machines on the market. When you have a large project involving hard materials, Diamond Products most likely has the tool you need.


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