DeWalt Saws


DeWalt has a full line of quality power tools, including reciprocating, circular, and miter saws, as well as miter saw workstations. DeWalt also offers portable table and scroll saws. The DW303MB is a popular choice of reciprocating saw, with a powerful 9 amp motor and easy blade changing. The DW303MB includes a 4 position blade clamp and a variable speed trigger, and weighs in at a light seven pounds. The DW303MB does not, however, have a variable speed dial.


The heavy duty DW368 circular saw provides plenty of power with its 15 amp motor. The DW368 has the power to do most jobs while also combining comfort and ease of use, weighing in at a fairly light 9.5 lbs. The 56 degree beveling capacity has stops at the 45 and 22.5 degree for secure and accurately angled cuts.

The 6.5 amp motor of the DW331K jigsaw provides all the power you’ll ever need for jigsaw applications. The DW331K’s variable speed controls allow for anywhere from 500 to 3100 SPM, giving the jigsaw an incredible amount of flexibility for a wide variety of applications. The DW331K’s keyless lever action blade changing system makes replacing blades a simple process.

The DeWalt DW717 is a versatile miter saw solution. The DW717 features 7 individual bevel stop positions, making fast and accurate cuts simple to make. The back fence design of the DW717 allows it to cut at 12″ while on a 45 degree angle. The DW717 can make extremely accurate cuts, and also comes made ready to work with an LED worklight or adjustable miter saw laser system. The DW717 is also fairly lightweight for a miter saw, weighing in at 51 lbs., and comes with a carrying handle for easier portability.


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