DeWalt Generators


From the makers of trusted high-performance industrial power tools and accessories for woodworking and remodeling comes the same reliable line of gas generators suited for a variety of needs and preferences. DeWalt offers a choice of generators ranging from 2,900 to 7,000 in wattage, meeting a versatile set of power demands.

Performance, ease of use, durability, and unbeatable efficiency are packed into the thoughtful design of these DeWalt machines, all featuring Honda engines.

Like most of its competitors, DeWalt boasts of its high-performance generator sets, which have been popularly known to answer the requirements of a diversified client base for power quality, reliability, efficient operation, and high-level performance:

DeWalt DG2900 Generator
DeWalt DG4300 Generator
DeWalt DG6000 Generator
DG2900 comes with a 3-gallon tank and can run up to 11 hours at 50 percent of its maximum output. At the heart of D2900 is a 5.5 HP engine that delivers the right amount of power where needed and is easy to start. A brushless alternator ensures that you won’t have to spend money or valuable time for maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about engine damage because protection comes with its automatic low-oil shutoff mechanism. Noise reduction is achieved with a superquiet muffler and an idle-control feature.

For high-amp surge requirements (e.g., tools with a maximum current of 120/140 volts), the reputable DG4300 comes to task with 11 hours of quality running time at 50 percent of its maximum output supplied by its 5-gallon tank. Aside from the same standards of engine protection and noise reduction in DG2900, this model is also designed with horizontal bars in front of the panel, protecting the receptacles, breakers, and switches.

At the top of the line is DG6000, ideal for contractors who use portable generators. With a reliable 11HP engine, the sturdy model boasts of easy starting in any temperature conditions with its special air-intake, choke, and carburetion system. It is ideal for 120- to 240-volt tools. Add to that the same benefits of idle control and noise reduction and you get the perfect fit for the demanding contractor.

These models feature a standard of job-site-tested frames made not only to withstand but also outlast the rugged conditions of work.

Fans of the tried-and-tested DeWalt power tools will be sure to discover a great partner in DeWalt generators. And first-time users of these intelligent power-supply machines will be up for a pleasant surprise.


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