Dewalt DWC385KR Review


Dewalt DWC385KR Reciprocating Saw Review – A Saw For Anyone

The Dewalt DWC385KR Cordless Reciprocating Saw is used to cut through all kinds of materials, from wood to concrete to metal. It can handle anything, from a do-it-yourself home project to a contracting job. This reciprocating saw is well-known for being incredibly easy to use.

This saw is made by DeWalt, a power tools manufacturer in Towson, Maryland, U.S. A subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, DeWalt now produces its own line of cordless drills, two hundred types of power tools, and eight hundred accessories to go along with them. DeWalt used to sponsor Matt Kenseth, a NASCAR driver, but now it sponsors Ben Spies, a MotoGP rider.

Dewalt DWC385KR Cordless Reciprocating Saw
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Price and Main Features’

It is $229.99 on Amazon and not eligible for free Super Saver Shipping, but still quite cheap for a reciprocating saw. Some of its features are listed below.

  • 18V XRP battery
  • 1- hour charger
  • Reciprocating blade
  • Kit Box
  • 1’’ stroke length
  • Maximum 2,900 SPM
  • Keyless blade clamp
  • Electric brake
  • Pivoting shoe, open at the top
  • Electric brake
  • Reversible blade
  • 7.1 lbs. with battery

Who is it for?

This saw is very easy to use. Anyone, from a beginner starting their first construction project to an expert that is skilled at sawing, can use the DWC385KR.

Pros and Cons

The saw can cut precisely and quickly, but it is also very safe. You can control it better with its electric brake and variable speeds, minimizing risks. This is especially good for beginners.

This reciprocating saw cuts at a speed of 2,900 strokes per minute for very fast cutting. Its electric brake makes it safer to use, and it prevents the blade from breaking when exiting a cut. For more control over the blade, you can change the speeds with a trigger lock. The keyless blade clamp is very useful for changing blades quickly without much hassle. The blade can also be reversed in case you need to cut backwards. The pivoting shoe is open at the top so you can see what you’re cutting more clearly. At 7.1 pounds, this is one of the lightest saws in its category, and it is very easy to use, being as portable as you would expect a cordless saw to be. A possible drawback to this saw is that the engine is not as strong as other reciprocating saws.

Why should you buy it?

It is a light and fast saw. It is also very portable because it is cordless. The electric brake and variable speeds make it safer for anyone to use, and it is great for anyone from a beginner to an expert. This saw comes with lots of features, such as the keyless blade clamp to change blades quickly, a pivoting shoe, and a reversible blade. It also comes with a charger, a reciprocating saw blade, and a kit box. With this many features for such a low price, this saw is guaranteed to be a good deal.


This is a very affordable for a saw so easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this saw would be very good for you.


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