dewalt dw745 review


The DEWALT DW745 is a high power table saw perfect for home carpentry or on site cutting work. Thanks to its lightweight construction and folding stand, you can literally carry it anywhere you need to within your workshop or job site and cut items on the spot. Setup is extremely simple and possible within minutes, and key adjustments can be made quickly and effortlessly via the DEWALT Site Pro Modular Guarding System. When you buy a DEWALT power tool, you can expect a certain high standard as you are most likely accustomed to tools from this famous brand already; but in the unlikely event that you do run into problems with the DEWALT DW745, the item is covered by a three year limited warranty which includes one year of free service.

Take a look at the full specifications of the DEWALT DW745:

  • High torque, 15 Amp motor delivers 3,850 RPM to facilitate cutting of even the hardest of woods
  • Maximum rip capacity of 16″, cut depth 3.125″ @ 90 degrees, 2.25″ @ 45 degrees
  • Adjustments of key components can be made via Site Pro Modular Guarding System
  • Rectractable telescoping fence rails
  • Table saw dimensions – 22.8″ (L) x 23.5″ (W) x 18.75″ (H)
  • Total weight with stand – 45 lbs

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Much like Bosch table saws, this DEWALT DW745 certainly manages to live up to its very well respected name, managing 4.5/5 stars on average from over 80 total customer feedbacks left on amazon. In terms of exact properties that customers liked, table saw reviews from people who bought the DEWALT DW745 are generally very pleased with the out of box settings although as always with just a little tweaking, you can get it absolutely perfect. This beats some of the Bosch table saws which, although similar in quality to the DEWALT DW745, take quite a bit of tweaking before you get the right settings. One BIG tip we have for you, if you’ve got the time, which a few very clever reviewers have managed to point out, is using a TS Aligner plus a dial indicator to check all the alignments meticulously, then adjust where you find slight misalignments. It may take you an hour or two and a bit of old fashioned testing, but once you do get it bang on correct, you will find that you now have a table saw that works as accurately as industrial/commercial saws, at a mere fraction of the cost. I can’t underemphasise how important this point is!

DEWALT has done better than Bosch in terms of out of box alignment settings, as I said above, but you can improve it to make it perfect. Whichever table saw you do choose to buy, make sure that you get one that allows adjustments, as some don’t, so that you can actually perform the necessary re-alignments. There’s nothing worse than buying what you think is the best table saw for a large sum of money only to find out that you can’t change what so desperately needs to be changed!

Otherwise, there are no outstanding issues I can see with the DEWALT DW745; it’s about as good a portable table saw as you’re going to get. However the debate is still out as to whether it is the best table saw in the portable category. So which one to choose out of a Bosch 4100 series and the DEWALT DW745? Well, both of them are very powerful for their size, but the DEWALT DW745 is slightly more portable as it weighs less and has a foldable table. The Bosch 4100 series do feature the Gravity rise stand which makes setup a breeze, and is slightly less expensive on amazon. In terms of quality, once both are properly aligned, neither has the major upper hand, in my opinion. The table saw reviews for both units seem to reflect this conclusion as well.

Positives of the DEWALT DW745:

Quite accurate out of the box
Very lightweight and thus very portable
Packs a punch for a portable unit

Negatives of the DEWALT DW745:

Needs to be re-aligned slightly for optimal performance (see above for instructions)


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