DEWALT DW744X Table Saw Review


DEWALT DW744X Table Saw Review

DEWALT DW744X Table Saw

Table saw is a much needed machine for any contractor or woodworker. However, it is difficult to find a table saw that is both economic and delivers high performance. So, a woodworker has to be extra careful in selecting a table saw that will meet the diverse needs of woodworking.

DEWALT DW744X 10-Inch Job-Site Table Saw Features

  • Tool free adjustment with site-pro modular guarding system
  • 24-1/2-inch rip capacity
  • Retractable fence rails
  • Rack and pinion fence system
  • 15 amp motor

The motor is Very Powerful

Table saws are used to cut some of the hardest woods available such as pressure treated timber or hard wood. That is why you need a very powerful machine for woodworking. The DeWalt DW744X table saw comes with a high powered 15 AMP motor that can deliver no load speed of 3650 rpm. So, no matter what kind of materials you are using, this table saw can handle it with ease. A common problem with a very powerful motor is that it gets damaged very easily. The same thing happens with a lot of table saws with powerful motor. However, the DeWalt DW744X table saw’s motor has a unique soft start feature that reduces the vibration created by the motor. So, the motor runs smoothly and lasts a long time compared to other table saws in the market.

Large yet Portable

There are many table saws available in the market. However, not all of them can handle the diverse need of a woodworker. The DEWALT DW744X 10-Inch Job-Site Table Saw is larger in size and comes with a large rip fence and cutting table. It is very easy to handle materials up to 24.5 inches with this saw. Another big concern of any woodworker is the portability of the machine. It becomes a difficult task to carry a large and heavy machine from one work site to another. Moreover, sometimes you need to carry the machine to the upper levels. That is why it is better to have a machine that is highly portable. This table saw weighs only 57 pounds. So, you can easily carry it from one work station to another.

Safe and Clean

With any power tool comes the concern for safety. Nobody wants to lose a finger while working with a table saw. That is why choosing a table saw that comes with superior safety features is very important. However, safety features can make the table saw very difficult to use. This table saw comes with unique modular safety guard system that features the perfect combination of safety and convenience. You can adjust this system without using any tools. So, it saves a lot of time. Another big problem of working with table saw is the saw dust. It can make the work area very messy. However, the 2 inch dust collection port of this saw can be connected to a shop-vac to make the whole work station neat and clean.

Pros of using DEWALT DW744X 10-Inch Job-Site Table Saw

  • This saw has a powerful and durable motor that can cut any kind of wood
  • The fence rails can be retracted to increase the portability
  • Tool free adjustment lets you work with ease without having to reach for tools every time you need to make an adjustment.

Cons of using DEWALT DW744X 10-Inch Job-Site Table Saw

  • The machine makes a loud noise

Woodworking can be difficult without the proper tools. The DEWALT DW744X 10-Inch Job-Site Table Saw can be a very good companion for all your woodworking needs.


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