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With a total weight of just 57 lbs and a heavy duty motor running at 3650 RPM, the DEWALT DW744 is another powerful portable table saw from one of the most famous power tool manufacturers in the world. You can expect to cut even the hardest of materials with ease, largely thanks to the automatic speed adjustment system which maintains the consistent blade rotation regardless of the material being cut. Most impressive of all is the DEWALT DW744X’s soft-start capability which effectively maximizes the life of the motor without any inconvenience to you.

Full features of the DEWALT DW744 include:

  • Heavy duty 15A, 3650 RPM motor
  • 24.5 Maximum Rip Capacity
  • Folding saw stand
  • Miter gauge
  • Proprietary DEWALT Guarding System
  • 10″ carbide blades
  • 57 lbs
  • 3 year warranty plus 1 year free service

The DEWALT DW744X has been reduced by $500 on amazon. Click here to get your discount from Amazon now!

With a quick glance at the current DEWALT DW744 table saw reviews, out of the box the DEWALT DW744 has been reported to perform well, with accuracy meeting customers’ satisfaction and perfect rip fence alignment without any need for readjustments. Honorable mention goes to the design of the fence, the blade guard lever and of course the soft start, which is a really top class addition for a saw which sells on amazon for around 500 dollars. There is a lot of value here, but I have to report the negative experiences which certain other customers have been having, which involves the issue of damaged items. I’m not sure if there is a problem with DEWALT quality control (as suggested by one purchaser) or whether there has been some damage in transit. We can’t be sure, because most users are reporting perfect alignment out of the box while one or two unsatisfied customers are reporting significant misalignment of the rip fence by up to half an inch. Since the DEWALT DW744X is made to be properly aligned out of the box, there has definitely been a problem somewhere along the line in the cases of these customers. Our advice would be to either go for a different saw that has no such negative reviews, for example the Bosch 4100-09 or the DEWALT DW745, or if you are set on this particular saw (since in working order it is of excellent quality and heavily discounted on amazon) then you should always remember that you have absolutely every right to return defective items to amazon, and they will replace it for you at no extra cost. Return policies of other retailers may vary but generally these days consumers have a lot of rights when it comes to being supplied broken goods. The main winning feature for the DEWALT DW744X has to be the soft start – your motor and gears will last so much longer with it – so if you’re willing to risk the inconvenience of returning an item for a replacement, then you will actually have another challenger for the best table saw at just $500. Strange advice, I know, but we can’t ignore negative feedback!

Positives of the DEWALT DW744X:

Powerful with all quality & features expected of DEWALT
Brilliant soft start feature

Negatives of the DEWALT DW744X:

One or two customers have reported damaged item (always return immediately for replacement if this is the case!)


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