DermaWand Reviews 2019 – Does it really work?


Derma Wand Review: Amazingly Effective Anti-Aging Results

Christina Boves is the brain behind Dermawand system. She has over 40 years of experience in skin care field, which has helped her to create a radio frequency skin care machine that toned, lifted, tightened and refreshed.

She is the first to use Dermawand and uses it still at 58 years of age. She attributes her amazing looks to the product. Dermawand is a flagship product of ICTV brands, which is a company in direct response field that sells an extensive range of products internationally and domestically. Based in Wayne, PA, the company has been in the field since 1998.

Dermawand is an innovative skin care product that reduces aging signs and provides a stunning face lift. It uses a technology similar to radio frequency devices present in medical spas and doctor’s offices. It acts by reducing the enlarged skin pores, enhances skin texture and tone, and tightens the skin.

It is an ideal use at home skin care product. Here is a review of the product that breaks down its features in detail, to help you decide on whether the product is ideal for your needs.

Dermawand manufacturers promise younger and vibrant looks just by using the product for two, 3-minute treatments per day. The product uses radio frequency to provide instant massage, thermal energy, stimulation and enhanced oxygen that restore youthful complexion and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  Here are the important specifications of the product:

The product dimensions include 7.5 inches x 1.5 inches x 4.5 inches.  It weights around 14 pounds. The product package includes the Dermawand device, a beauty guide and preface treatment kit.

Dermawand has been clinically proven to enhance appearance. It makes skin look more toned, tightened and lifted. It improves lip lines, wrinkles in the forehead and crow’s feet. The enriching of skin texture and tone, and reduction of pores, help in reducing or getting rid of the aging signs completely.

The product can be used comfortably at home and is a painless and safe product. The price of the product is also very affordable.

Revolutionary and effective technology

Dermawand uses a technology that had been used exclusively until now by medical specialists and doctors. The product brings this highly effective technology right to your home and at a very affordable price.

Thermal power

The microcurrent from the device provides thermal energy to dermal region present under the surface of your skin. This increases temperature of the skin and helps your skin to gain a healthy and natural look.

Instant effect

The microcurrent in Dermawand is very gentle and operates at 100,000 cycles per second. It produces a massage like effect boosting circulation and bringing in fresh oxygen, nutrients and blood to the skin surface.

Vitalizing oxygen

The enriched oxygen generated with the help of Dermawand helps bathe the skin leaving it clean, fresh and fragrant. The oxygen rejuvenates the skin surface and there is a marked reduction in size of skin pores after using Dermawand.

Radio frequency treatment

The radio frequency method for facial treatment has been used for a long time by beauticians and dermatologists. They used larger commercial equipment for the treatment. Dermawand has adapted the technology to its compact and home use design, making it easy for consumers to take advantage of the benefits offered by the technology, at a much cheaper price.

FDA approved

Unlike many of its competitors, Dermawand is FDA approved. This makes it a meticulously tested product that adheres to safety standards required of medical and beauty devices.

Where is DermaWand manufactured?

Christina Boves is behind the concept and construction of Dermawand. Dermawand is marketed by ICTV Brands Inc. based in Wayne, PA. The product has been created to enhance the youthful look and to reduce aging signs.

Being a flagship product of ICTV Brands, the DermaWand is proven clinically to reduce the various signs you see in aging including wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged skin pores and to boost the texture and tone of the skin.


Dermawand comes with 100 percent guarantee. The makers are confident of the successful results that Dermawand can produce. The product comes with three valuable free offers namely

  • 30 days of free trial
  • Free shipping for receiving DermaWand Trial
  • Free return, if you are not satisfied with the product

The free offers prove that the risks you face for using the product is actually nil.  It is sound proof for the quality and effectiveness of the product. Customer service is available both via the product website and by phone. Customers who have queries related to the use of the product and other issues can call at the toll-free number:  (800) 976-6815

Advantages of using Dermawand

    • Instant reduction in pore size
    • Fuller and tighter skin
    • Reduced fine lines on using the Dermawand for an extended time span
    • The tightening of skin is seen more prominently in older people than in younger individuals who have more elastic skin.
    • Wrinkles on forehead and puffiness surrounding eyes disappear as early as 5 days after using Dermawand.

Drawbacks of using Dermawand

      • The high frequency used in the Dermawand is not always safe for use. For individuals with heart conditions including those with pacemaker should avoid the treatment, as it uses static electricity
      • Persons with nervous system disorders such as epilepsy, and pregnant women cannot use the product and should generally avoid Dermawand
      • It should not be used on open wounds or on scars that are under healing process. If you have metallic fillers in your skin you should steer away from the product.
      • The cream products given as accessories to the device are not as effective on skin and producing burning sensation when used

Bottom Line

When you compare the usual skin creams and microdermabrasion products that abound in the market, the high frequency treatment method used in DermaWand is apt for penetration under your skin. It creates a fuller look by inducing collagen formation. Adult consumers especially those above 60 years will see more benefits, as the device helps to make the skin elastic.

The free skin care kit with the product, instruction DVD and user guide help users get the best out of the anti-aging device. Except for those with medical conditions, the device is a safe and effective one that is ideal for bringing the healthy and vibrant glow to your skin.

A majority of consumers who used Dermawand found it to be very convenient to use. The skin felt softer and showed fewer lines and wrinkles. The product design and the free trial offer along with refund guarantee make the product even more beneficial.

However Dermawand is not without drawbacks. A few users have said that it made their skin burn, while gliding it over the skin. This is more pronounced when the power is raised abruptly. The unpleasant odor is another thing that users don’t like.

And some users have said that it took several therapy sessions to find the changes in the skin. Adults over the age of 40 years report faster changes than younger users. For those who find the radio frequency facials unsatisfactory, facial serums like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid would be more effective.


  1. I tried Dermawand for a couple of months but really didn’t see much improvement in my skin. The treatments themselves were also a bit uncomfortable because if feels like the heat isn’t being spread out evenly and there would be sudden spikes that really hurt.
    I do believe in radiofrequency treatments as a whole because I used to get them done in a clinic. I asked the clinic that gave me the treatments what they use and they said it’s Endymed so I researched a bit and found that Endymed actually manufactures a home use device called Newa and I bought it a few months ago.
    I have to say it’s much more comfortable than Dermawand and I’m seeing really impressive results around my jowls and in the lines around my lips.
    I’m guessing it has to do with the strength of the current….

  2. I can’t use the dermawand I purchased because I have a defibrillator which was not disclosed that it cannot be used if you have a defibrillator.
    I sent it back months ago unused and STILL NO REFUND! Shame on this unprofessional company!


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